Mom on the Run – Hello World!

My name is Ali – and contrary to what my husband and friends may think – I do not think I am an expert on everything. I am a wife of 9 years, a mother of a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I grew up in Toronto, graduated university with a Masters in Business Administration, worked in the art industry for 4 years running one of the largest, most successful Canadian glass sculpture galleries, moved to the United States with my husband without knowing a single person, and for the last 6 1/2 years have been a stay at home mom.

As a point of reference for all of you reading this – stay at home mom doesn’t mean staying at home….it includes but is definitely not limited to chef, chauffeur, teacher, cheerleader, shopper, stylist, and volunteer to name but a few. I was lucky enough to team up with the good people from WTS Toy Review and am so happy they are letting me use this space to share some of my thoughts and ideas with you. In this blog you will find advice, recommendations, maybe a joke or two, and hopefully something you’ll find useful in raising your family.

So while I don’t think I’m an expert….I do think that the life I lead and the experiences I have put me in a great position to add my two cents while like every other mother on the planet I am trying to figure it all out….If you have any thoughts, comments or ideas as to what you’d like to read about in this space please post it below and I’ll be sure to respond!