Space Age Crystal Growing Kit “Citrine & Ruby”

Grow your own collection of 6 sparking crystal clusters up to 6″ in diameter. Discover the laws of nature which create crystals deep inside the earth, and learn how astronauts grow ultra-pure crystals in the weightlessness of space. Dissolve the Space Age Growing Crystal chemical in hot water and pour the solution into the vessel. Let it cool down to room temperature and after just a few hours crystals will start to grow!

The Space Age Crystal Growing Kit is designed for kids 12 and up – so that should tell you right there this is definitely an item that you’ll want to be cautious with and work with your kids on it. The instructions are clear, and the crystals really do grow – which is super-cool. With chemicals and with hot water you’ll want to make sure your kids are careful – and we recommend if you don’t do the project with them yourself, you’ll at least want to keep a close eye on them.

We found no durability issues per se, the only problem that we found that falls into this category is that once you create the six crystal clusters you are finished. The Space Age Crystal Growing Kit does fall into the educational or science side of toys, so that is often the case, but you’ll want to know going in that the kit has a finite number of uses.

Five stars just isn’t enough! We were amazed at how cool the crystal looked throughout the growing process and when completed. And we’re sure you and your kids will be too! The Space Age Crystal Growing Kit has an awesome look!

This is a tough category to rate because on one hand we were really pleased with how well the kit worked and how large the crystals grew. On the other hand, as we mentioned before, once you finish growing the crystals, the kit is complete, and you won’t necessarily be able to use it again.

With a recommended price point of $24.95 the Space Age Crystal Growing Kit is certainly on the affordable side. As always, our target price for gift giving is right around the $20 mark, and this comes in just above it.

Dating back to our days in science class, growing crystals (at least the sugar kind) was one of our favorite experiments! To have the chance to grow crystals that are brighter, larger and more colorful, and to be able to do it all from home was something that made a great impression on us! We loved it – and loved the way Kristal Education took a fun science experiment, made it better, and provides you with the tools to do it at home! Nice originality!

We really enjoyed conducting more fun science experiments with the Space Age Crystal Growing Kit. The first two important details are that the directions are easy to follow, and the crystals really grow! Next, pricing is better than fair, so if you have a child interested in science this makes a perfect gift. You’ll want to know going in that eventually you’ll run out of crystals and that this is a project you’ll want to do with your child. If you can handle those two minor details, you’ll love this kit!

Manufacturer: Kristal Education, Inc.
Recommended Age: 12 years and up
Retail Price: $24.95
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