Britax Parkway SG Booster

The Britax Parkway® SG is a belt positioner that features SecureGuard anti-submarining technology, which helps prevent the child from sliding under the lap belt (or submarining) during a collision. The Parkway SG easily converts to a backless booster while maintaining the SecureGuard feature and offers True Side Impact Protection® when used with the seat back It also provides supportive high-density comfort foam to cushion the child, a quick-adjust mechanism to easily adjust the head restraint, and color-coded vehicle belt guides to help correctly position the vehicle seat belt. The Parkway SG is designed for three-across seating in many mid- and small-sized vehicles, and fits children from 40 pounds and 38 inches up to 120 pounds and 63 inches.

So your little ones are finally growing up and ready to move out of their baby car seats into a big-kid booster! Congratulations! And not just because the kids are getting older – but because booster seats are SOOOOO much easier for Moms, Dads and kids to use than their previous car seats. We were very pleased with how easily the Parkway SG was to go from box to car – set-up was just a minute or two.

And once properly positioned into the car, loading your little one in and out is a snap. Utilizing the car’s own seatbelt, you’ll simply feed the belt through a holder then buckle as normal. The SecureGuard that holds the lap part of the seat belt low across their legs is an important safety feature and also really easy to use.
Another big plus is that when you move the seat from one vehicle to another, the Parkway SG doesn’t fall apart like other booster seats on the market. When it comes to ease of use, the Britax Parkway SG couldn’t come in any better!

The bigger the child – the bigger the mess! Well – sort of true. Bigger kids like to color, use markers, eat, drink, play, sleep and drool in their car seats – just to name a few favorite activities! Luckily for Moms and Dads – Britax had a handle on that when they designed this booster seat and the covers. For simple messes – the seat wipes clean with a wet cloth (we had plenty of those). For stains that are deeper you’ll want to remove the cover completely and run it through the wash (another plus).

As we mentioned above, the Parkway SG holds together nicely when moving from car to car which also adds to the durability factor – you won’t drop part of it each time you take it in and out of a car!

Such an interesting category – and we had such interesting reactions. We were lucky enough to review Britax’s Cowmooflage pattern – which we have to say is super-cute! The kids’ reactions – were interesting – and for the most part split right along gender lines. Basically – our girls loved it, our boys were a little so-so. But don’t worry – Cowmooflage isn’t for everyone and Britax knows it. With plenty of color options to choose from there is certainly a style that will make every little one happy.

We really liked the functionality of the Parkway SG. It was easy to set-up, easy to load into and out of a car, and easy to use with the seat belt. The booster is designed for children of a varying heights, and the seat adjusts nicely for it. Add in the slide-out cup-holder and arm rests and we couldn’t think of anything else we’d like to see added for function.

With a suggested retail price of $119.99 the Parkway SG does come in on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Discount booster seats can be found for less than $40. That doesn’t mean we have reviewed them, or would recommend them especially when safety of your children is at hand – but there are some less expensive options out there.
With all of the safety features, design features and durability features that Britax has packed into the Parkway SG – we think it is worth every penny. But just know – you get what you pay for – and with this booster seat you are paying for quality.

A booster seat for a child isn’t exactly groundbreaking by nature. We like all of the design and function that Britax has added to the Parkway SG, but there isn’t anything entirely unique in the concept itself.

If you are in the market for a booster seat you will do no better than the Parkway SG from Britax! Yes – pricing is on the high side, but when it comes to the safety and comfort of our children most of us agree that saving a few dollars isn’t the priority. The Parkway SG is so easy to use, is packed with functionality, and comes in a wide variety of awesome designs certain to please very child. Add in the durability factor and you are looking at one top notch, top quality booster seat. Five stars for sure!

Manufacturer: Britax USA
Recommended Age: 48 pounds and 38" up to 102 pounds and 63"
Retail Price: $119.99
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