Dwink Box Juice Box Holder

No more squirts! No more squeezes! The Dwink Box is designed to fit most individual drink boxes and pouches. Made with a comfort grip and non-skid bottom. Dishwasher safe. Free of BPA, lead and phthalates.

You want easy? The Dwink Box is easy! Pop in your child’s favorite drink box or pouch, hand over the Dwink Box and enjoy your child enjoying their drink! No squeezing plus no squirting equals no mess. Translation: happy mom and dad! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

No durability questions here. The Dwink Box is made solid, and the comfort grips and non-skid bottom don’t hurt either.

Dwink Boxes are cute. Really cute. Sure, they don’t have bells or whistles, but they aren’t supposed to. Bright, fun colors make this one little helper your kids will enjoy using.

Is this a tricky product to rate functionality for? Yes. The Dwink Box is a simple idea with a simple purpose – to keep your child from making a mess with their drink boxes – no more no less. And it succeeds in that. It doesn’t transform or turn into another products – but it isn’t supposed to. The Dwink Box packs all the functionality it needs.

Under $3.50! Are you serious?! That’s what our paperwork said, and we couldn’t have been happier to read it! The Dwink Box shouldn’t be priced $10 – and it isn’t. With a retail price of just $3.49 we don’t see why every parent wouldn’t want a Dwink Box for their kids!

The Dwink Box is simple. The Dwink Box is easy-to-use. The Dwink Box is not complicated. But is the Dwink Box original? You bet it is! There is no product on the market that we’ve seen anywhere that is as simply effective as the Dwink Box. Absolutely original!

A little plastic box earning a five star review? The Dwink Box did it! It’s simple by design and yet totally effective. The Dwink Box is so easy to use, looks cool and couldn’t be priced any better. It takes a lot to earn a five star rating from us – but when a smart, innovative and useful product passes in front of our desk you can bet it will have five stars before we send it along! We could easily see a Dwink Box as a required item on every child’s back to school list!

Manufacturer: Price Products LLC
Recommended Age: 1 year +
Retail Price: $3.49
On the Web: www.priceproducts.llc.com
Buy It Here: