Dripstik Ice Cream & Popsicle Holder

The Dripstik keeps the mess in the cup – not on the kids! The Dripstik has cups that surround each end catching drips from popsicles or ice cream cones, eliminating messes on hands and clothes. Plus the handle allows for a better hold on treats. The Dripstik can even be set down on counters or tabletops and will contain the mess of a meltdown.

Place an ice cream cone or popsicle into the Dripstik and then hand it over…and you’re done! The Dripstik is ready to be used for your child’s favorite frozen treat – and there are no tricky instructions to it! Use the side designed for a popsicle, or flip it over and use the side designed for an ice cream code. Whichever side you use, the Dripstik collects the drip – keeping the mess off of your children’s hands and clothes!

Dripstiks are made of solid, durable plastic – no durability issues or cause for concern here.

Well…it doesn’t look quite as enticing as an ice cream cone or popsicle does to a child…but show one of these to a parent who is about to hand over a frozen treat to their little one and you’ll see someone’s eyes light up for sure! Parents love the look of the Dripstik – and kids don’t mid using it either. A simple, nice look for the Dripstik.

The Dripstik is custom sized for both ice cream cones and for popsicles (yes – a stick requires a different holder than a cone!). Kids can easily hold on to their frozen treats – and they will not drip on their hands or their clothes. Another big plus is that your child can place their Dripstik down on a table when they want to take a break – so you won’t be holding their ice cream cone or popsicle and getting dripped on while they regroup! Excellent functionality for such a simple product!

Dripstik has a retail price of $3.49. And we say perfect! We’re parents too…and we wouldn’t spend $10 for a product like this. But $under $3.50 – you bet we would! Pick up a Dripstik and a box of popsicles and you’ll well have earned your money back before the end of the box! Cool product.

Oh – remember the good old days? When your Mom or Dad wrapped a napkin around your ice cream cone? How about when they popped a hole in your popsicle wrapper and stuck the stick through it? If that brings back happy memories – it should. Now…remember how quickly that wrapper and napkin turned wet, sticky, dirty and disgusting?! So do we! And happily – so do the folks from Price Products! The Dripstik was well thought out, well conceived and an absolute original!

The Dripstik is definitely a five star product! First off – it’s priced well, so you have no reason not to pick one up (pun intended!). Next, and most importantly – the Dripstik works! Your kids will stay clean and happy while enjoying their favorite frozen treats. And you’ll be so much happier knowing their hands, clothes, and all areas around them will stay clean too!

Manufacturer: Price Products LLC
Recommended Age: 1 year +
Retail Price: $3.49
On the Web: www.priceproducts.llc.com
Buy It Here: