Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit

With the Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit from Zebra Mix you and your kids are going to have the opportunity to create delicious cupcakes together that taste great – but the real party is the baking activity!

Each baking kit has on oversized Safari Baking Map with two levels of learning. Level 1 (age 4-9) is for non-readers, beginning readers, experienced reader. Level 2 is for ages 9 and up. Each level is designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles. Using pictures, colorful illustrations and icons kids will explore their five senses through a series of activities that includes a fun sensory science experiment and more.

Each kit includes: Super Cupcake Mix, Frosting Mix, 3 packs Decorating Sugars, Reusable Zebra Frosting Pen, 12 Zebra print cupcake papers, Safari Baking Map

Oh the joys of baking with children! If you’ve never done it, you really do need to try. And if you are intimidated at baking from scratch (especially with little hands involved) the Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit is a great way to get started. Not only does it include everything you need, it also includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. And by easy-to-follow we mean for both parents and kids! No, this isn’t the kind of product or toy that you just turn the kids loose on, but with a little help from Mom or Dad, they – and you – will have a blast baking together!

Durability is a tough category for a baking kit…in some ways it isn’t a fair judge. On one hand, all of the pieces and parts are pretty much included. On the other hand, once you use up the mixes, decorating sugars and cupcake papers, you’ll need to buy more if you want to use the kit again.

Awesome appeal! If you have a little one who has been bitten by the baker’s bug, they will love the look of this kit off the shelf. And with a little help and creativity, you’ll be able to guide them into baking adorable, delicious cupcakes.

Similar to durability, this is a tough category for a baking kit. The kit will definitely guide you and your children through a fun baking process – and you’ll make delicious cupcakes. But once the mixes are used up, you’ll need to replace them to get any more functionality out of the kit. The directions last and the frosting pen will last – but after that you’ll need to buy the rest.

With a suggested retail price of $22.99 the Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit prices in right around the perfect gift price range of $20. The retail price is a bit higher than we would have liked considering you’ll need to replace ingredients after the first use, but all in all – the price point certainly seems fair.

The Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit certainly isn’t the first baking kit we’ve seen for children, but it certainly is one of the most original. This kit encourages creativity, has excellent instructions to get your kids there, and comes with all the tools you’ll need for a fun baking experience.

A baking kit is such a difficult item for us to rate…Like we’ve mentioned – the Zebra Cupcake & Frosting Kit packs all the tools you need for a fun baking experience with the kids. However, after you use the kit, you’ll need to replace the parts if you’d like to bake with it again. All in all, the kit is priced fair, and is sure to make for a fun afternoon activity with the family. If you go into the fun knowing it is sort of a one shot deal, you’ll have set your expectations properly and can truly enjoy the experience of baking with your kids.

Manufacturer: Zebra Mix Studio
Recommended Age: 4 - 12 years
Retail Price: $22.99
On the Web: www.zebramix.com
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