Swim School Character Freestyle Trainer

Aqua Leisure’s Swim School Character Freestyle Trainer is a progressive foam pad training system. Featuring nine thick floatation pads, the Freestyle Trainer provides beginner to expert buoyancy levels. Features adjustable shoulder straps to adjust for the size and weight of your child. Available in three different characters and two different sizes.

The Swim School Character Freestyle Trainer is definitely easy to use. First off – it looks cute (more on that later) so your child won’t have a problem strapping in (with your help of course). Then, when you slowly take your little one into the water, they immediately feel supported and safe – which is a big help as you work on the basics of swimming.
So you’ve got the kids in the water, and you are getting them comfortable. Now comes the best part for parents – and the true genius of the design: as your child gets stronger in the pool, you can remove as many floatable pads as you like. The stronger they are at swimming, the more pads you remove. If they need more support in the water, leave more in! Easy as can be! (As a reminder – never, ever leave a child unattended in the pool. This is not a life-saving device.)

In and out of the water we saw no durability issues with the Swim School Character Freestyle Trainer. As with all pool toys we recommend you hose off the chlorine with fresh water for added life.

Super cute for sure! The folks at Aqua Leisure took a great idea, and made it extra kid friendly by adding adorable characters. We’d even recommend letting your little one pick out their favorite as another way to get them excited about the pool!

The Swim Trainer will strap on to your child and hold on tight. Then you get to add and remove floating pads to provide more or less buoyancy. Unlike regular floats, as your child improves in the pool, you get to slowly remove floating pads to keep them learning to swim and on the right track, while keeping them feeling confident and safe in their trainer. Excellent idea -and excellent functionality!

In a blind survey we priced the Swim Trainer right around $20. With an actual retail price ranging between $15 and $20 – Aqua Leisure pegged it. Definitely a properly priced swim accessory.

We’ve certainly seen a variety of floats to help teach little ones to swim, but we’ve never seen anything quite like the Character Swim Trainer. It just seems so smart and so simple – adjustable buoyancy levels. Well thought out and well executed. A great improvement on a classic swimming tool.

It’s funny – this is one of those products that seems to provide as much comfort and support for parents as it does for their kids! The Character Swim Trainer is certainly easy to use – and parents love being able to control the buoyancy the trainer provides. They are made to last, so that isn’t a concern. They are super-cute and priced fairly. But best of all, from a functionality perspective, this just blows away old-fashioned floating devices. If you believe in training for the pool with a float, this is the float you need! Awesome!

Manufacturer: Aqua Leisure Industries, Inc.
Recommended Age: 2 sizes by weight: 25 to 40 lbs 40 to 55 lbs
Retail Price: $14.99 to $19.99
On the Web: www.aqualeisure.com
Buy It Here: www.toysrus.com