Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider

The Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider is a unique inflatable vinyl toddler boat will have to that will have your little one happily enjoying the pool while providing sun protection at the same time. The boat base features bright and whimsical ocean graphics, a three-ply reinforced seat, two hold handles and a back support. Sun protection is provided by a fully adjustable, inflatable sunshade attachment.

Removable top for open air use
Includes two hold-handles and back support
Sunshade is fully adjustable to protect toddler from the sun
3 ply vinyl seat with reinforced web core securely holds child

Inflate it, attach the sun shade if you choose, then pop your little one and this super-cute, super fun raft into the pool with you! It’s that easy! Of course, you’ll need to stand/swim next to your toddler while they are in the pool, but other than that this little raft couldn’t be any easier! For sun protection add the sun shade, and if the sun isn’t a concern you can take the top off! The little boat itself has a built in seat to hold their legs in the water and a back support to keep them upright. It doesn’t get any easier than the Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider!

Obviously, like any other inflatable product, you’ll want to handle carefully – especially around pool edges and out of the pool – other than that there are no major durability concerns. Like we’ve mentioned in other reviews, it is hard to find an inflatable pool toy last for more than a season, but that works in this case because after the first season of use your toddler will probably be out of it when summer rolls around again! The vinyl is made to be pretty durable, but you’ll want to make sure those sharp little teeth don’t try to bite through it. And for a longer life, we always recommend rinsing pool toys down with fresh water after a swim!

The Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider looks like it will be as much fun for your toddler to swim with as it actually is! The fun, bright colors and unique design will have your little one begging for time in the pool!

With the Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider your toddler is held upright, has handles to hold onto, and the ability to kick their way around the pool. It gives you a break from having to hold them in the pool (you’ll still need to keep close watch of course) and gives them a feeling of confidence and freedom as they can kick their way where they want to get to. You can’t ask for much more function than that.

The Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider isn’t exactly in-expensive. It carries a retail price of $29.95, and that may be more than you would like to pay for a toddler float. However – it works great, offers sun protection, and should last at least the entire season. If you have a toddler, and you plan on being in the pool a lot, the few extra dollars might not seem so bad.

We’ve seen plenty of pool floats – they aren’t exactly a brand new concept, but we were really impressed by the improvements Aqua Leisure added to this float. First, the reinforced seat adds nice durability. Next, the handles and back support will keep your toddler feeling comfortable and safe in the raft. And finally, the attachable-detachable aspect of the sun shade is a big hit as far as we are concerned, giving you the chance to decide how much or how little sun exposure you want for your child. Well thought out for sure!

We absolutely love a good pool toy – and Aqua Leisure has done it again! Yes, the price is a few dollars more than we like, but once you get past that it is smooth sailing (pun intended!). The Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider will last as well or better than other pool floats, has a unique design to keep your toddler feeling comfortable in the seat, has a super-cute style, and comes complete with the attachable sun shade. The Sun Smart Sunshade Wave Rider is a great way to bring even more fun to swim time!

Manufacturer: Aqua Leisure Industries, Inc.
Recommended Age: 18 to 36 months
Retail Price: $29.95
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