Pacimals The Huggable Plush Pacifier


Manufacturer: Love Kub, LLC
Recommended Age: 0 - 18 months
Retail Price: $19.99
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Pacimals are plush animals with an attachment for a pacifier sewn to the top of their head, making it easy to keep-up with baby’s pacifier, and easy for baby to locate and use.  Works with both natural or orthodontic shaped nipples.  Invented by a doctor and first time Mom out of her baby’s frustration at not being able to hold a pacifier.

Pacimals are absolutely, positively easy for Mom, Dad, and most importantly baby to use!  First off, the adorable little animal has a sewn-in pacifier connector – simply attach the included paci and hand the little guy over to your baby.  When it’s time to clean, detach and clean as normal.  Forget about losing pacifiers – they’ll be right attached to the stuffed animal.

Pacimals has even created a Paci-Adapter (sold separately) to allow you to attach almost any style/brand of pacifier.

And as far as baby goes – you’ll be amazed at how quickly they learn to hold, locate, maneuver their Pacimal and find their paci!  And a baby with their paci in their mouth is a happy baby!

We found no durability concerns with our Pacimal.  Sure, the stuffed animal may start to get a bit yucky after a while, but simple spot cleaning takes care of most drool and spit up.  And for heavy stains, you can toss these little guys in the washing machine (be sure to follow instructions).  The pacifiers also detach and wash easily.

Five stars just isn’t enough!  Each Pacimal is cuter than the next!  Choose a bunny, a bear, a duck or more!  There is a Pacimal designed to perfectly match your baby’s decor, favorite colors or favorite animals!

Pacimals work extremely well.  First off, once attached, the pacifiers simply isn’t going to detach.  Next, attached to the stuffed animal, your baby can easily grab, place and use their pacifier.  And best of all, Pacimals are easy for you to locate in the car, next to the crib or wherever baby drops it.  This little number does everything it sets out to do!

Pacimals carry a retail price of $19.99.  Seems to us, that a retail price of just under $20 is a bit on the high side for a baby accessory.  Yes it is cute, and yes it does the job, but if the price fell between $10 and $15 as opposed to $20 we’d be ecstatic.  At $19.99 the price is a bit more than you would want to pay for as a gift add-on, and it might be too small to purchase as the only gift you buy for a friend or family member’s baby.

To date we have seen several other products that are similar in design and function to Pacimals.  We really like the packaging and the way in which Pacimals were created – with a unique system to attach the paci.

Pacimals are definitely a five-star product!  First off each Pacimal is more adorable than the next – so you can’t go wrong there!  Second, and most importantly, they work!  You and your baby will be able to find their paci easier – keeping both you and your baby happy!  The price is a bit more than we would have liked, but if you are in the market for a product of this nature, you (and baby) will absolutely be pleased with Pacimals!