Fun Gripper™ Lacrosse Set

The Fun Gripper™ Lacrosse Set is designed to be the perfect beginner set for your children with a safe, 2.5″ bean bag-type training ball. Easy control for younger players with the 30 inch stick. Durable ABS shaft construction. High quality, heavy duty head with mesh net. The set makes for great play both indoors and outdoors. Includes: 2 – 30 inch sticks 1 – bean ball

Lacorsse isn’t exactly an easy game to play – and therefore, it’s hard to say that this set is exactly easy to use. However, the Fun Gripper Lacrosse Set was clearly designed for kids who want to learn, not for kids who are ready to compete! With that in mind, the set includes everything kids need to get started, has a shorter, more controllable stick, and a bean bag-style training ball to make learning safer and more fun. As far as learning lacrosse goes, this set is as easy to use as you’ll find!

No durability concerns here. We played with, and played with, and played with this set – and there was no visible breakdown whatsoever. The lacrosse sticks and ball will last and last.

You know lacrosse looks cool – and so do we! With bright, fun colors, the Fun Gripper Lacrosse Set builds on that. And…since the sticks are shorter and easier to handle, the game is easier to learn. And nothing looks quite as cool as actually tossing and catching the ball with lacrosse sticks (as opposed to chasing after miss after miss)!

The Fun Gripper Lacrosse Set is perfect for learning the basics of the game – and having fun while doing so. When it’s time to move on to a more competitive style of play (if that’s the direction your kids go in) you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. But as far as fun goes – this set is it!

With a retail price of $24.99, the Fun Gripper Lacrosse Set is priced fairly for outdoor fun and learning. You can play out back, play indoors or take it to the beach. Of course we almost always would prefer to knock a few dollars off, but for a fun set built to last the $25 price point is well worth it.

By including an easier-to-catch bean bag ball and shorter sticks, the Fun Gripper Lacrosse Set is made for fun, and it succeeds. There isn’t anything overly original about the design itself (it is lacrosse after all), but it is clear that this set is designed to bring the fun with along – and we like that!

All in all we really like the Fun Gripper Lacrosse Set. Face it – lacrosse is fun to play if you can actually throw and catch the ball – and with this set you can! The bean bag ball and the shorter sticks help out immensely. The price is fair. And once you pick up a stick, catch a ball, and toss it back – you’ll be hooked! Fun for everyone!

Manufacturer: Saturnian 1, Inc.
Recommended Age: 7 years +
Retail Price: $24.99
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