Fun Gripper™ Fireball Football & Soccer Ball

Fun Gripper Fireball Sports Balls are half soccer or football and half Fun Gripper! The Fireball Football is a twist on the traditional football with an embossed flame design, composite laces for tight spirals and tremendous grip in all conditions! The Fireball Soccer Ball also carries the awesome embossed flame design.

Each ball is made with durable composite suede with F6 foam matrix covering for maximum grip. Great for the beach, backyard and all weather conditions. Butyl bladder with standard inflation valve for maximum air retention.

Allright – we know. How easy to use can a ball be? Or more appropriate – how difficult to use can a ball be? If you stuck with that frame of thinking – you’d be doing a disservice to Fun Gripper Sports Balls for sure! Through their unique design, Fun Gripper has made it easier to throw and catch – encouraging younger children to not be afraid or scared to try to catch. The soft exterior won’t sting or hurt kids hands – and you won’t have to hear about the ouches! Are these balls easy to use? You bet they are!

Fun Gripper Sports Balls have a unique design that is specifically made to make the balls easier to catch, but it also makes them last longer. After hours of use we saw no breakdown of the composite suede and foam covering. Excellent durability!

Awesome looks! Fun Gripper Sports Balls started out with a unique look due to their cool matrix design – but when you add in the Fireball’s embossed flame design – the balls really stand out!

Fun Gripper Sports Balls are easy to catch, throw and play with – but when it comes down to it they are just balls…Balls that can be used at the beach, the park, some would even use indoors…but that’s about where the functionality ends. Not a bad thing…just not overly functional.

With a price tag right in the $15 range, Fun Gripper Fireball Sports Balls are a bit more expensive than we would have liked, but that isn’t to say they are overpriced. For a “non-professional” version of a sports ball, we would prefer it to fall in the $10-$12 range. Having said that, the pricing still is pretty fair for a ball that will last like these do.

How original can a soccer ball or football be? Really – it’s pretty tough to find a new spin…but Fun Gripper has definitely tried hard. The soft outer design makes them easier to catch, and the cool flame design will have kids grabbing these off the shelf. Enough work went in to customize these to earn four stars from us!

If you’re looking for a ball to help your child learn to throw and catch – this is a good choice! If you’re looking for a ball for some fun play at the park or at the beach – this is a good choice! If you’re looking for a ball pretty much, for any use other than a formal sports leagues – this is a good choice! Fun Gripper Fireball Sports Balls have awesome designs, are made to last, are super-easy to throw and catch, and are priced fairly. Definitely a nice addition to your sports equipment!

Manufacturer: Saturnian 1, Inc.
Recommended Age: 7 years +
Retail Price: $14.99 each
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