iPlay Deluxe Stadium Baseball Game


Manufacturer: iPlay - International Playthings
Recommended Age: 6 and up
Retail Price: $59.99
On the Web: www.intplay.com
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iPlay Deluxe Stadium Baseball Game

Stadium-inspired design has 12 hand-detailed players, 6 ball-bearing baseballs and a realistic ball field. Adjust batter’s stance to open, closed or square position. Select fielding position for infielders and outfielders. Spring-loaded batter for real swing action. Hit singles, doubles, triples, foul balls and home runs. Throw curve balls and breaking balls. Large 17″ x 17″ playing field. Counter for balls, strikes and outs. Special base-stealing feature with a “judge” mini roulette wheel to resolve disputes.

Contents: Baseball stadium game base, bat, pitcher figure, 3 base runner figures, 7 fielding figures, 6 ball bearings.

Batter up!  Position the fielders, start pitching and let the fun begin!  The Deluxe Stadium Baseball Game from iPlay is loads of fun – and definitely easy to use.  Position your batter, “pitch’ the ball, and swing for the fences!  The ball bearing ball rolls towards the hitter, the hitter uses awesome spring action to swing, and your ball will roll out to be fielded, end up a hit, out or homerun!  The baseball action is fast, furious, fun – and easy to use!

After plenty of play we found no durability issues.  You will want to make sure your kids keep an eye on the 6 included balls (ball bearings – can’t play without them), but other than that – no worries.

Come on – it just looks awesome!  Take out the Deluxe Stadium Baseball Game and let your kids have half the fun just setting it up!  From there the game play looks like as much fun as it is!  Awesome styling and design!

If you think a game like this one is lacking in functionality – you’d be wrong!  There are three types of pitches the pitcher can throw, plus a special “miracle ball”!  The fielders can be positioned strategically, and the batter can use an open stance or a closed stance!  Track strikes, balls, outs and scoring!  Now that’s functional!

With a retail price of $59.99 the Deluxe Stadium Baseball Game is far from inexpensive.  Typical board games for kids can cost between $15 and $25.  Make no mistake, this isn’t a typical board game, but it is definitely high-priced.  With the high price tag, we would recommend this for kids that are really into baseball (either playing or following), not just for the semi-interested child.

The Deluxe Stadium Baseball Game is a modern take on a kids classic baseball game favorite.  And don’t think for one minute we missed out on the fun improvements – they are everywhere!  From batters stance, to a variety of pitches, your kids are going to love all the new features.  A nice original take on a great game!

The iPlay Deluxe Baseball Game is sure to be a hit (pun intended) with any baseball loving kids (and some adults)!  The game looks awesome, plays awesome, and has so much going on!  It carries a large price tag…but if you can handle paying the extra dollars, this is the kind of game that your kids will enjoy for years!  When you can’t take your kids out to the ballgame, taking them to the ball field with the Deluxe Stadium Baseball Game is a pretty great second option!