Hexbug Nano Kids Product Review


Mother Nature meets micro-robotics with Hexbug Nano. Designed to look and behave like a real bug, Nano is actually a very cool little robot that uses the physics of vibration to propel itself along and explore its environment. It runs, it skitters in all directions, it flips over and then pops back on its feet. There s no telling what Nano will do next! Real fun with real science.

Flip the switch and let ’em go! Is it that easy? You bet it is! And once you show your little one where the on-off switch is, kids can be left to enjoy their Hexbug Nano on their own with out needing help from adults. And once these little numbers are turned on, they are ready to rock and roll. They run, they jitter, if they end up on their back – they flip over! Absolutely amazing – and absolutely easy!

Durability is always a big concern for us – and let’s put it to you straight – we were worried about this one. After a few hours of playing with the Hexbug Nano, those worries were gone! First off – the Hexbug Nano has a durable, rubber outer “skin” that is designed to protect it from major crashes and breaks. And the little guy just runs and runs. We saw it fall off tables and desks, flip over and keep going!
The only concern we ended with was battery-life. We didn’t see any drop-off in the power while we played, but eventually the battery will run out and you’ll be forced to replace it. Otherwise – no durability concerns.

Take a Hexbug Nano, turn it on, place it on the ground and watch the crowd gather! They just look really cool – and when they are free to run – they look even cooler! Awesome style that kids of all ages (adults too) just love!

Surprisingly enough, Hexbug Nano is loaded with functionality. Sure – it is a robotic bug – so it crawls around. The folks behind the Hexbug Nano added an online component, and Habitat Sets to build an environment for your Hexbugs to roam free in. The idea is simple, but Hexbug Nano actually goes out of its way to add functionality.

With a retail price of $9.99, the Hexbug Nano is fairly priced. At a quick glance, we understand if parents think that it may be a bit high – but play with this little guy – even just once – and you’ll see it’s worth every penny!

We’ve seen other robots before. We’ve even seen other bug-like toys before. But once you play with the Hexbug Nano you’ll agree – this is absolutely an original! Honestly, pick one up, turn it on, watch it run and you will be happily impressed and entertained! Now that’s original!

Hexbug Nano is really a fun little toy that your kids will just love! Hexbug Nano is super easy to use, looks absolutely adorable and is fairly priced. And even though it is just a simple little toy, the Hexbug Nano is one toy that your kids just won’t stop playing with any time soon – and that says it all!

Manufacturer: Innovation First International
Recommended Age: 3 years +
Retail Price: $9.99
On the Web: www.hexbug.com
Buy It Here: