Supreme Snuggle Nest with Soothing Sounds from Baby Delight

Baby Delight’s Supreme Snuggle Nest provides comfort and safety for sleeping infants in the adult bed. The sturdy support walls serve to block baby from harmful adult pillows and bedding and are also vented for increased air-flow. The quilted cover includes breathable mesh on both interior and exterior walls and adds extra comfort and safety for baby. A firm mattress pad with an envelope sheet provides a safer surface for baby than the adult mattress. For parents’ convenience, the product includes a new built-in nightlight that is easily removable and freestanding for use on a nightstand as well. The Supreme Snuggle Nest includes secure back-sleeping positioners and a foam wedge that can be used for inclining the mattress pad for improved breathing and digestion when infants are ill. An open end allows easy access to baby throughout the night for cuddling and soothing.

The Supreme Snuggle Nest is definitely easy to use. Unfold it and you’re ready to go. Now…our Moms were sure to point out that just because you set it up doesn’t necessarily mean your baby will sleep happily, but this definitely gives you a good chance! The included sleep positioners and incline are also super intuitive and definitely easy to use. Out of the box its ready to go – and that is just what our Moms and Dads were hoping for!

As with all baby products, the Supreme Snuggle Nest is going to get drooled on, spit up on, and maybe even pooped on. Our Moms were happy to report that all of the components were totally washable, and came clean pretty much as well as can be expected. As with any product for baby, the more you clean it, the more possibility for breakdown, but there certainly isn’t any extra concern here.

Our Moms and Dads loved the look of the Supreme Snuggle Nest. According to them, they’ve seen a number of these types of sleepers in different colors and sizes, and were happy to report that from looks alone, the Supreme Snuggle Nest stands clearly above the rest. Great design!

As far as an option to sleep your infant in bed is concerned, our parents said this one is loaded with all they could ask for. First, it folds over for easy transport. It includes an extra sheet perfect for a late night change, a wedge to incline babies with reflux and sleep positioners to hold baby securely in place. Plus the soothing sounds feature can help keep baby calm and happy. Now that is functionality!

In our blind survey our parents priced the Supreme Snuggle Nest right around $40. With an actual retail price of just under $60, it was certainly priced a bit higher than they would have liked. However, for the parents that found sleeping success with the Supreme Snuggle Nest, they were sure to point out they would pay double the $60 price tag for good nights of sleep for their baby and for themselves.

A product allowing infants to sleep in bed with parents isn’t exactly a new idea, but what our parents loved about the Supreme Snuggle Nest is that they took the best benefits of so many on the market, improved on them and brought them down to a smaller size. Not an all original, but certainly an improvement on what is out there!

Our Moms and Dads that liked sleeping with infants in the bed definitely offered high marks to the Supreme Snuggle Nest. First off is the size – it won’t dominate the bed, and it is loaded with all of the features you could ask for. The price is a little high, but again, what price tag would you put on a good night’s sleep?! If you are in need of this type of sleeping solution, the Supreme Snuggle Nest just may be what you are looking for!

Manufacturer: Baby Delight
Recommended Age: Newborn to approximately 4 months
Retail Price: $59.99
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