Kidorable Hooded Towel & Umbrella


Manufacturer: Kidorable
Recommended Age: Newborn to 7 years
Retail Price: Towels: $33.00
Umbrella $13.50 - $15.00
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Kidorable Hooded Towel & Umbrella


Kidorable’s Mermaid and Pirate Hooded Towels come alive when wrapped around your child.  These absorbent, soft cotton towels make lounging by the pool or drying off from the bath extra fun!  The towels come in two sizes for newborns to age 2, and children ages 3-6.

Kidorable has also taken the idea of the humble umbrella and transformed it into an imagination tent!  Made of 100% nylon, Kidorable Umbrellas are child-sized and perfect for little hands!

Nothing difficult about either the Hooded Towels or Umbrellas from Kidorable!  In fact, both of these items may actually make working with your children easier!  Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be ready to get out of the tub or pool a little quicker if they know they get to wrap one of these super-cute towels around them!  And maybe they’ll be a little quicker to dart out to the car or into the house in the rain with their own kid-size umbrella overhead!  Allright – so maybe that’s wishful thinking on both accounts – but the towels and umbrellas are sure easy to use!

No durability concerns here.  Both Kidorable’s Towels and Umbrella were made well to last long.  All seams were sewn tight, the towels held up after a wash, and the umbrellas took the raindrops and kept our kids dry.  Obviously, with improper handling the umbrella may not work well, but if you have a child that handles their toys and possessions properly – no worries here!

We love when we get to say this…Five stars just isn’t enough!  Both the Hooded Towel and Umbrella are absolutely adorable!  The time, thought, creativity and detail that went into the design of both items is clear the second you take a look.  And better yet, your kids will light up when they see these special towels and umbrellas made just for them!

The towel works well as a towel – and the umbrella works well as an umbrella.  But the allure of Kidorable’s Hooded Towel and Umbrella goes beyond that.  These are items that were designed with little ones in mind.  The towels come in two sizes, perfect for toddler and children.  And the umbrella is kid-sized and easy for them to operate.  Yes, the towel will dry, and yes the umbrella will keep your little one dry.  Excellent functionality.

Well, here’s where the stars came off just a bit.  The hooded towels are not inexpensive.  With a retail price of $33, they may be out of the price range for some families.  They do fall in line with other hooded towels on the market, but that doesn’t make them affordable.  Additionally, with a price between $13.50 and $15.00, the umbrella seems fair, but may not be an expense you want to take on.  We will say this – it seems like these Kidorable items may be better served for gift-giving, than for purchasing for your own children.  And if you look at the price in those terms, it may be a bit easier to swallow.

Sure we’ve seen other hooded towels.  And sure we’ve seen other kid-sized umbrellas.  So yes…it would be hard to say these are absolutely revolutionary ideas in children’s accessories.  However, they are so cute!  And so well designed!  And so well made!  And each adorable design is absolutely original – so we’re happy to award 4 stars here!

All in all it is really hard not to fall in love with the Hooded Towel and Umbrella from Kidorable.  If you are able to handle the price tag, you are going to be giving your child an adorable towel that they will love to use, and an adorable umbrella that they literally will not want to put down.  The designs are original, they work great, and if properly handled they will last long!  Five stars for sure!