Sing…Play…Learn! Counting Board Book

Twelve fun songs teach numbers 1 to 5, then 1 to 10, and for advanced learners numbers 1 to 20. Colorful photographs and simple text introduce young learners to recognize numbers 1 to 10 and to count everyday objects with the same numbers As a bonus, the Sing…Play…Learn! Counting Board Book includes 25 activities to print from your own computer.

Sit with your child…read with your child…listen to the sweet songs with your child…laugh and learn! It doesn’t get much easier than that! And when your child is ready to continue their number learning, print out the pdf activity book on your computer and work with them through the fun learning worksheets.

The board book itself is 9 inches wide by 9 inches high, and is made durable to last all of the page turning, tossing and even a little bit of chewing (for the youngest learners!). Of course the CD should be handled by Mom or Dad to avoid little fingerprints and scratches.

Sing…Play…Learn! Counting Board Book is truly adorable! The well written storybook has fun numbers and cute pictures to aid the learning process. And the printable activity sheets are all professionally designed and organized to encourage learning.

A board book is a board book – so it’s not exactly like we can say there is a lot going on there. The book does come with an audio CD full of songs that help reinforce the learning. And…the printable worksheets takes the learning that much further. Now that is a lot of functionality for a simple board book!

With a retail price of $8.99, Sing…Play…Learn! Counting Board Book is certainly affordable and in line with other books of its size and design. With the audio CD and the printable worksheets you are getting an awful lot for a very fair price.

Board Books are nothing new for us. The design is cute – and the pictures are adorable. That’s the case for a lot of board books…but this one is different, because you are getting the fun songs and the great activity sheets. Those factors certainly raise the originality factor!

Overall we think the Sing…Play…Learn! Counting Board Book is a great learning tool for your family. The look of the book is great, and we love the music and the worksheets. The price is fair, the book will last and it is definitely easy to use. All in all if you bring this book into your home you are bringing in a fun learning tool that your kids will enjoy working with!

Manufacturer: Twin Sisters Productions
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $8.99
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