Number Train Giant Floor Puzzle

With the Number Train Giant Floor Puzzle kids will quickly learn to recognize numbers, number words and number order 1 to 20. The puzzle measures 6 feet wide by 7 inches tall and has 27 durable pieces. Includes a music CD with 12 fun number-themed songs and a 48-page printable activity workbook ready for you to print on your home computer.

Most children ages 4 and up (and even quite a few younger) know just what to do when you place a puzzle in front of them – so all Mom or Dad may need to do is open the box and get out of the way! What the kids won’t necessarily realize is that they are learning their numbers as they go! We recommend popping in the audio CD while the kids are at work to reinforce the counting with the help of adorable number themed songs. The feature that may require the most supervision and help is working with the printable activity workbook. Obviously, you’ll need to print it for your child, and most likely you’ll need to sit with them as they work through the activities, explain the direction, and of course compliment their great work!

Each puzzle piece is made well and laminated to last long. Obviously you’ll want to help collect pieces after the puzzle is done, so as not to misplace any. While kids love handling CDs, you’ll also want to help out a bit here to avoid too many fingerprints or scratches.
One thing we really love is having the activity workbook printable on your home computer. The big plus here is you can print and reprint as many times as you like, which is so much better than a workbook that your child does once and has to toss out after completing.

It’s super-big! And it’s super-cute! The Number Train Floor Puzzle is 7 feet long! Spread that out across a room and your kids eyes will just light up. Add in the great, well-designed, pre-school like activity sheets in the workbook, and it’s easy to see all of the thought and design that went into creating this puzzle, CD and book combo.

You’ve got the puzzle. You’ve got the audio CD. And you’ve got the workbook. And they all work together to introduce, teach and reinforce numbers and number learning! Now that is a lot of functionality for one puzzle!

In a blind survey we priced the Number Train Giant Floor Puzzle right around $12. With an actual retail price of just under $15, the puzzle is priced just a bit higher than we would have liked. However, add in the fact that you get the music CD and the printable workbook and the price is certainly fair.

We’ve certainly seen puzzles before. And we’ve even seen giant floor puzzles before. What we really find original about the Number Train puzzle is what is included. We’ve got music, we’ve got activities, and best of all we’ve got learning. Put it together and we’ve got an original spin on a lot of our favorites.

The Number Train Giant Floor Puzzle really is a great addition to your child’s learning tools. You’ve got the fun of a puzzle, the excitement created by the sheer size of it, and happy, upbeat music to play while they work. Use the printable workbook to reinforce the learning and your kids will be well on their way to mastering their early level number skill set. Nice!

Manufacturer: Twin Sisters Productions
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
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