Swim School Deluxe Tot Trainer

The Swim School Deluxe Tot Trainer is a Level 2 swim training suit that provides young children with a high level of confidence in the water as they learn the basics of swimming without being overly restrictive. Made with highly visible, comfortable stretch fabric, soft non-chaffing trim and includes attached pants to prevent the rugged, sewn-in rubber inner tube from riding up under your child’s arms.

Inflate the inner tube, close the no-leak air valve, pop your kid into the suit and you are ready for the pool. From taking the Tot Trainer out of the box to having it on your little one takes very little time at all. And once in the pool, the Tot Trainer performs admirably, keeping your child afloat as they learn to kick and use their arms in the pool.

The inner tube itself seemed super-durable, and you should have no issues with popping or leaks. The bathing suit and pants all have a nice, soft trim to help prevent irritation and chaffing. All appear to be made well and should last as long as your child should need the extra help swimming.

The bright yellow design of the Deluxe Tot Trainer is clearly intentional – helping parents see children in the pool (although at this age a child should NEVER-EVER be out of reaching distance in the water). We would have liked to see a fun water-themed design incorporated into the swimsuit, but otherwise, no complaints.

The inner tube blows up easily, and the suit goes on easily. Once properly on your child, the Deluxe Tot Trainer will keep them from sinking or tipping in the water. The trainer itself gives your child freedom to work with their arms and legs, which the goal would be to strengthen them and get them ready for swimming without the float down the road.

We priced the Deluxe Tot Trainer right around $12 – $15. With an actual retail price of $15 – $20, it is a little higher than we would have liked, but certainly not out of the ball park.

Obviously, we’ve seen other floatie-type devices to help little ones in the pool – from water wings to inner tubes. What we were impressed with here was the integration of the inner-tube into the suit itself, and the way it works to make sure baby doesn’t tip! Now that is originality, invention and ingenuity wrapped into one!

This was definitely a tricky review for us because as many of you know, there is a lot of support out there for learning to swim without the help of floating devices. However, if you are of the school that encourages the use of floating devices with swimming (and there are many out there who support using floating devices) than you are going to be really impressed with the Deluxe Tot Trainer. The suit itself has everything you need to get your kid in the water and get them comfortable. They’ll float – they won’t tip! And once your child understands that, he or she will be happily kicking and pulling themselves around the water. The suit is made well, and priced fairly. All in all, if you decide to use floating devices to help you train your child to swim, this is the perfect tool to help!

Manufacturer: Aqua Leisure
Recommended Age: 2 to 4 years
Retail Price: $14.99 - $19.99
On the Web: www.aqualeisure.com
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