Swim School Baby & Me Combo

The Swim School Baby & Me Combo is a unique inflatable boat that helps introduce an infant to the water while allowing for maximum interaction and supervision from a parent. Features a split ring for Mom or Dad to keep close to baby, a 3-ply vinyl seat with a reinforced web core to securely hold baby, a no-leak air valve and a pleasing dual-layered print for a 3D-effect.

Oh…it’s easy! It’s cute, it’s fun – and it is definitely easy! Out of the box the Swim School Baby & Me Combo takes just a bit of time to inflate – and once fully inflated you’re ready for the water! Hop in first, place the split ring around you, place baby into the seat and you’re off on a swimming adventure with your little one! They’ve even included a built in ring toy to help keep baby happy and entertained while getting used to the water! Definitely easy to use!

Other than being your standard inflatable product there are no major durability concerns. Over the years we have yet to see an inflatable pool toy last for more than a season, but that works in this case because after the first season of use your baby will probably be out of it when summer rolls around again! The vinyl seems pretty durable, but you’ll want to make sure those sharp little teeth don’t try to bite through it. And for a longer life, we always recommend rinsing pool toys down with fresh water after a swim!

The Swim School Baby & Me Combo is really just cute. The bright blue ocean and fish theme print is adorable, and the actual design of the float itself really does draw people in. Take to the pool with this on and you’re sure to hear a lot of “now that’s a great idea” comments wherever you swim!

It works! Baby is held safely and comfortably in the seat – and you’re right there with them, able to work your way around the pool. Obviously the Baby & Me Combo isn’t exactly going to teach your kids to swim, but it certainly puts them in the most comfortable position possible to get acclimated to the pool – with Mommy or Daddy right in front of their eyes!

In a blind survey we priced the Baby & Me Combo right around $15. With an actual retail price of $14.99 – this is one perfectly priced float!

Of course there are hundred upon hundreds of pool floats out there, but we were happy to see past that fact to the innovation that went into the design of the Baby & Me Combo. Creating a spot to attach Mom or Dad to the float is ingenious – and we love it!

Five stars it is for the Baby & Me Combo! We are impressed with everything about it – from how easy it is to set-up and use, to the durability factor this float has it all. Add in that it is priced right and the fact that it is a really great way to get baby used to the water – and we couldn’t think of any way to improve on it! Excellent pool float for baby and Mom or Dad!

Manufacturer: Aqua Leisure Industries, Inc.
Recommended Age: 6 to 18 months
Retail Price: $14.99
On the Web: www.aqualeisure.com
Buy It Here: