My First Baby Hideaway Pool

My First’s Baby Hideaway Pool is a portable, inflatable baby pool with a removable inflatable sun shade to help shelter baby from the sun while they relax and splash in the cool water! The pool features premium 2-ring construction and an integrated drain plug for stress-free emptying. Approximate inflated measurements: 40″ w x 30″ h with a maximum suggested water depth of 6 inches.

Come on – blow it up, fill it with about six-inches water and you’re good to go! It doesn’t get any easier than that! Plus the sun shade itself is super-easy to put on for more shade or take off for more sun.

The Hideaway Pool is constructed to a level of various kiddie pools and inflatables which for the most part means that there should be no major cause for concerns with durability. If you care for it properly, inflate and deflate carefully, and of course keep sharp little teeth off, this little pool should last as long as your little one needs it!

The Hideaway Pool has a fun, clean design. It doesn’t have a super-bright rainbow of colors, or any real swimming theme to it. If you were hoping for more of an “ocean” theme you won’t find it here, however, if you like clean, classic styles and colors, this little pool is for you.

This little number has everything you can ask for in a kiddie pool. It is made strong, it holds water well, and has an integrated drain to make that a little eaiser. The sun shade easily attaches and detaches. As far as kiddie pools go, that’s pretty functional!

We priced the Hideaway Pool between $15 and $20. With an actual retail price ranging right in that area, we feel that it is definitely fairly priced.

A kiddie pool is a kiddie pool is a kiddie pool…well…sort of….The removable shade and integrated drain are improvements on the classic kiddie pools, and enough to impress us enough to award four out of five stars here.

Right on the border line between four and five stars, we were happy to split the decision and go with five simply because of how happy our little ones were when placed in the pool! Seriously though, the Hideaway Pool is priced perfectly, is a durable as a kiddie pool can be, and they’ve taken the steps to make the pool more comfortable (removable shade) and easier to use (integrated drain). Five stars in our book!

Manufacturer: Aqua Leisure Industries, Inc.
Recommended Age: 6 to 18 months
Retail Price: $14.99 - $19.99
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