Zillio Mini Mountain

Zillio Mini Mountain is a large, colorful rotating structure designed to play 20 unique and fun math games! This powerful model of math is based on two critical math concepts: times tables and number lines. Combined, these concepts create the foundation for 10 essential skills – which kids will learn while playing!

Zillio Mini Mountain games and lessons combine visual tactile and kinesthetic elements to meet the learning styles of most children. The educational games and lessons are a perfect balance of fun and powerful learning. Progressively challenging activities are based on standards for grades Pre- K through 6 plus including counting addition subtraction multiplication division fractions number lines ratios equivalency and algebra.

Whoa! One this for sure is that the Zillio Mini Mountain has a lot going on! And at first look, the Mini Mountain might look a bit intimidating, but believe us, it shouldn’t! Yes, depending on the age of the child playing there is definitely a learning curve. There are so many different ways to play with the Mini Mountain that you’ll want to pick a game, learn it, then play – before moving on to try another. And this learning may take a few minutes each time. But once you understand the concept of each individual game, the fun and the learning really begin. By its design, Zillio’s Mini Mountain is pretty easy to use, and really intuitive, but it will take you some time to learn a game, teach it and play.

Zillio’s Mini Mountain isn’t made quite as strong as a real mountain – but it’s close! You will want to keep a close eye on the small token pieces, but otherwise there is no cause for concern in the durability department whatsoever.

“What on Earth is that?!” Take out the Mini Mountain around a group of children, and believe us, you’ll hear that question at least once! The Mini Mountain is large, it’s bright and colorful, and it just draws kids to it – even after they find out it is a math-style game! Now that’s visual appeal!

It’s extremely rare to see us write in the functionality category that five stars just aren’t enough, but…”Five stars for functionality is simply not enough!” The Mini Mountain is designed for you to be able to play more than 20 unique math games. This isn’t a game like Sorry or Monopoly, where you take it out and kids do one thing, this is a game that can be changed, re-designed and played in so many different ways – and best of all Zillio tells you how with detailed instructions. You simply will not run out of different and fun ways for your kids to learn their critical math skills with the Mini Mountain!

Well…here is the first category where we weren’t 100% thrilled. Zillio’s Mini Mountain is not an inexpensive game and learning tool. With a retail price of $99.95 it is definitely on the high end of any game that doesn’t come with a remote control! This isn’t to say that the game isn’t substantial in size or robust in game play – because it is both – and a lot of fun – but, bottom line is the price is high. There is no comparison to other board games, so you have to compare it to a learning tool. And even with that comparison it is still expensive. Bottom line is this – if you are looking for a unique and fun way to help your kids learn math, this is it – but it will cost a few bucks to do it.
Since the review was completed – pricing has dropped from $99.95 to $69.95. At the $99.95 price point Zillio’s Mini Mountain earned 3 out of 5 stars. At the lower price point, we were much more comfortable awarding 4 out of 5 stars. The overall rating of this game was unchanged by the re-pricing.

Just like functionality – five starts isn’t enough! Yes, we’ve seen other educational games before. Yes, we’ve even seen other math educational games. But we have never, ever, ever seen anything quite like this! The design is simply genius. The Mini Mountain is so versatile – your family can play math game after math game and never get bored – and they’ll be learning along the way! It’s awesome and it’s original!

In case you didn’t catch the line from above – we said that Zillio’s Mini Mountain is awesome and original! It works to teach children some of the most critical math skills they need – and it does it by way of a series of totally fun games! Kids…learning…and having fun! It doesn’t get any better than that! And with so may different games kids can play on the Mini Mountain they’ll enjoy it for years to come as their math skills grow stronger and stronger! Great game!

Manufacturer: Zillio, Inc.
Recommended Age: 4 years +
Retail Price: $69.95
On the Web: www.zilliogames.com
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