Wallsy Tales Kids Wall Art

Wallsy Tales are Nursery Murals made easy! Out of the box and on the wall, you can transform your baby’s room in under 12 minutes without any tools or the expense of hiring a mural artist.
Each set includes 9 individual 3-D character cutouts to custom decorate your entire baby’s room.
Using a patent pending 4-layer process, each character is constructed from sturdy yet super lightweight foam core. The high quality print is treated with a clear coating protecting from curious little hands and providing lasting durability. Utilizing special adhesive technology, the characters can be removed without any surface damage to your walls.

Includes a free storybook allowing you to bond with your baby and engage their imagination. Imagine every page of the story coming to life on the walls of your baby’s room like a fairytale adventure!

Think there is no easy way to decorate your little one’s room? Think again! If you want to go with a fun-loving, happy animal theme, this is the way to do it! Out of the box and on the walls in just minutes, Wallsy Tales ZooFriends collection is absolutely one of the easiest ways to decorate a child’s room that we’ve ever seen – and it’s cute too (more on that in a moment)! Plus, thanks to the special adhesive technology, you can remove the guys from the walls as easily as they went up. Extra easy to use for sure!

The ZooFriends animals are designed to go up on the walls in the room of a little one. This was obviously a big factor in construction of each piece. Each animal is treated with a clear coating to protect them from snotty, messy, dirty little hands. And while the foam core that each animal is printed on is lightweight, it is definitely sturdy enough to not crack or crease. No concerns here.

Awww…come on! Take a look at that adorable panda bear, that super-cute gorilla, the friendly lion and loving elephant! Can it get any cuter?! No question here – five stars for sure!

Functionality, huh? Well…this is wall art after all, not rocket science, so the collection isn’t going to exactly knock your socks off with functionality. However, what it does do is decorate your little one’s room in no time, allow for easy removal and reuse on walls, and it even comes with a storybook to help your child bring the animals to life! All things considered – that is a lot of functionality for a design and decor product.

How can we say that a product that costs $100 or more is cost efficient? Easily – when you compare it to the amount of dollars you’d be spending to decorate a child’s room without this set. Think about it – traditional wall art for a child’s room can cost around $15-$20 for a picture. With the amount of size and wall coverage you’ll get with each Wallsy Tales Set that is equivalent to almost 30 picture frames at about 1/3 of the price. How’s that for cost efficiency?!

There are definitely other options out there to help decorate a child’s room, so the concept itself isn’t entirely original. But it’s all in the execution here! Wallsy Tales are bright, fun designs, that are all original works of art. The design allows a ton of functionality, and they are lightweight and easy to put up and down. When it comes to decor for children, those are definitely original characteristics!

We fell in love with Wallsy Tales the second we laid our eyes on them! First off the animals are absolutely adorable – one is cuter than the next! Next, they are so lightweight and easy to put up and take down – big plusses in our book. They are durable and priced fairly too. Put all that together and we are looking at a super-cool, super-strong five star review! An absolutely-awesome way to decorate your child’s room!

Manufacturer: Bright Eyes Big Smiles, LLC
Recommended Age: Newborn - 5 yrs
Retail Price: $99.99
On the Web: www.wallsytales.com
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