bebe POD Plus

Prince Lionheart calls their bebe POD Plus the ultimate in infant positioning and support. The bebe POD Plus features an adjustable tray with 2 reusable placemats and an attachable toy specially designed by Sassy®! Ergonomic design provides optimal support in helping baby learn to sit. Your baby’s own body weight helps ensure a safe and comfortable seating position. And just recently, Prince Lionheart upgraded this little seat even further with the addition of a comfortable Safety Belt. Available in three colors. Lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and easy to wipe clean.

Prince Lionheart did it again – they designed a product that is so easy to use! Plop baby in the seat, buckle them in with the safety belt, then decide if you want to add a tray, a placemat or the toy – and you’re all set! You baby will sit happy, comfortable and safely in this super-easy-to-use seat!

The bebe POD Plus is designed, well, for babies. And with that in mind, it better be easy to clean! And this definitely is! First off, the seat itself is made strong and durable, but it is lightweight enough to pick the whole seat up to shake crumbs clean (after baby is out of course!). Plus it wipes clean easily, and includes two placemats for those extra messy meals!

We love when we get to say this: “Five stars is just not enough!” Prince Lionheart obviously put extra thought into the look of this adorable little baby seat. Available in Strawberry, Kiwi or Orange themes, and with two placemats to compliment each look, we really don’t think they could have done anything to make these little seats any cuter!

The bebe POD Plus is designed to utilize your child’s own weight to keep them sitting comfortably in the seat – and it works. The safety belts add an extra layer of protection for your child, while the attachable-detachable tray table lets you decide the specific use of the seat – feeding, playing or just sitting! Add in the Sassy Toy included with each seat and it’s easy to see this little number packs plenty of functionality!

With a retail price of $59.99, the bebe POD Plus is not exactly the least expensive seat on the market. However, and this is a big however, this seat includes added safety features, an added tray and two placemats, and a Sassy Toy – all in one package. Compare that to other seats on the market that sell each component separately and we find ourselves right in the same pricing ballpark. Remember, when you look for baby products we never recommend you go by price alone, but by safety and function, and this seat has both, along with lots of components included.

This definitely isn’t the first infant seating solution we’ve ever seen, but we’ve never seen one quite this detailed and quite this inclusive. First off – the safety aspect. With the bebe POD Plus the safety belt is included, right along with all of the other components. And…the styles are so cute and adorable. Prince Lionheart definitely took the infant seating category to a new level.

In case you were unsure, we really like the bebe POD Plus! It seems that the good folks from Prince Lionheart have just thought of everything – whether it is safety and the included safety belts, or style with such adorable designs – you’ll find it all in this seat. Add in the tray table, the placemats and the Sassy Toy – and you are getting it all for your little one. Plus, the seat is made extremely well, and is ready to handle everything your little one can throw at it, and wipe clean when they are done! If you are looking for a new seating option for your little one – you won’t be disappointed with bebe POD Plus from Price Lionheart!

Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
Recommended Age: 3 - 14 months
Retail Price: $59.99
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