Back to Sleep Positioner


Prince Lionheart calls The Back to Sleep Positioner – The Safer Sleep Solution. Prince Lionheart’s innovative Back to Sleep Positioner comfortably cradles baby to ensure the correct sleep position is maintained. Health care professionals recommend the back sleeping position as the safest for babies to reduce the incidence of SIDS. The flexible side bolsters “hug” Baby, helping ensure the back sleeping position is maintained throughout the night. Height adjustable feature gently elevates baby’s head and chest to lessen discomfort caused by reflux, colic and congestion. Included as a bonus is a soft, breathable velour fabric cover for added comfort for baby.

Prince Lionheart’s Back to Sleep Positioner is certainly easy to use. Out of the box and into the bassinet or crib in a quick minute, you’ll be able to have your baby laying comfortable and safely on their back. Adjust the height, curve up the flexible side bolsters and you’re done – baby is perfectly positioned.

The Back to Sleep Positioner is made well to last as long as you’ll need it (and that includes second children, third children, fourth children and so on!). The velour fabric cover is a plus for those minor accidents – just take it off the positioner and throw it in the laundry. The rest of the unit wipes clean. No durability concerns here.

The Back to Sleep Positioner looks fine, but this isn’t a product we would rate for visual appeal.

Prince Lionheart’s Back to Sleep Positioner has all the functionality you are looking for in this type of product. The height is adjustable to raise or lower your child’s angle of sleep. The flexible side bolsters keep baby snug and in position. And best of all, there isn’t a lot of crazy moving parts or difficult set-up. All the functionality you could ask for in a tool to help keep baby sleeping on his or her back.

In a blind survey we estimated the price of this piece to be right around $40. With an actual retail price of just under $50, it is a bit higher priced than we would have liked, but certainly comparable to other products in the category.

We have seen other sleep positioner-type products come across our desk before, so the idea itself isn’t totally unique. However, we have not seen any unit designed quite like this one. The adjustable height feature matched with the flexible side bolsters offer a truly original take on the philosophy – one that deserves a lot of credit for a new way of thinking.

The Back to Sleep Positioner from Prince Lionheart is definitely a five star product. The pricing is fair, it is absolutely easy to use and includes all the functionality you can look for in a product of this nature. Add in how totally adjustable and easy to clean it is and you are looking at a product we highly recommend for Moms and Dads struggling to find a comfortable, safe solution to help baby sleep on his or her back!

Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
Recommended Age: 0 - 6 months
Retail Price: $49.99
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