Zak! Designs Dr. Sears Line

Zak Designs has made its name by making mealtime fun – and with their all new Dr. Sears line, they are working to make meals healthier too! Zak Designs’ Dr. Sears line has developed several mealtime products to help parents put Dr. Sears’ proven philosophies into practice.

Nibble Tray – With the Nibble Tray, and its convenient snap-on lid, having small, healthy snacks at a little one’s fingertips is easy. The top of the tray includes three separate sections that are designed to hold healthy dips such as yogurt, applesauce or guacamole that add a little flavor and fun to snacking.

Smoothie Sipper – Dr. Sears recommends that parents use smoothies as a tasty way for kids to get vitamins and minerals through dairy products.

Sippy Cup – For even younger kids, the line includes a Sippy Cup with a patent-pending Flo-Control valve that lets parents adjust the amount of liquid that flows through the valve and prevent drinking too much, too fast.

Additional Items – Dr. Sears line of mealtime products also includes a divided bowl with lid and non-skid bottom, fun-shaped flatware and a covered snack container with three detachable sections for grazing on the go.

All of the products are BPA-, PVC-, and Phthalate-free, and as an added bonus, they also include inserts with healthy eating tips from Dr. Sears.

If you were reading the summary above and got the idea that the Dr. Sears line from Zak Designs includes everything you need for little snacks and meals on the go – you’d be correct. And if you thought each piece sounded easy-to-use – you’d be correct again! Starting with the Smoothie Sipper and Sippy Cup, both drinking tools were designed to encourage kids to drink healthy drinks, and they are easy to use. The Nibble Tray and the Snack Bowl keep kids happily grazing. Even the flatware has an adorable vegetable theme that encourages little hands to get to work while reinforcing healthy eating!

After multiple uses we found no cause for concern in the durability department. Of course you’ll need to wash and load, clean-up and reload, and start the whole process again – but it certainly seems each of these pieces are designed to stand up to the task!

How do they look? Super-cute – for sure! Zak Designs is known for their adorable items to make eating fun – and when they set out to design a line to encourage healthy eating at a young age, it’s easy to call them a success! Each piece has a fun, light design – not overbearing, just simply designed to encourage and reinforce healthy eating.

The Dr Sears line from Zak Designs includes every possible component for little person eating that you can think of. From Snack Containers to Sippy Cups, Smoothie Sippers to the Nibble Tray – they’ve thought of it all – and it all works together!

Obviously there are a lot of different pieces in the line. And each piece is sold separately. But we have to say – every single item seems fairly priced to us. Remember, your kids are going to be able to use each piece for years so even if they were high priced these pieces would be a value. The beauty here is that they aren’t – all fall between $4.99 and $7.99. Very affordable!

It’s clear a lot of thought went into the design of each piece in the Dr. Sears line. That doesn’t, however mean each piece is totally original. We’ve seen snack containers and sippy cups before so we can’t call them all-original. We can say that a lot of thought has gone into each piece and that certainly counts for added-originality points.

This was an easy one – the Dr. Sears line from Zak Designs is certainly worthy of a five star rating. The line itself is so complete – with plenty of components to put your kids on the road to eating healthy at a young age. The line is affordable and totally functional. And best of all – it is designed to encourage healthy eating. For that we applaud Dr. Sears and Zak Designs! Job well done!

Manufacturer: Zak Designs
Recommended Age: 18 months+
Retail Price: $4.99 - $7.99
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