Star Kids Air Play Travel Tray

The Star Kids Air Play Travel Tray reduces travel-time stress and covers table surface for good, clean fun! This entertainment center unfolds and fits easily over most airplane tray tables. It’s full of exciting and educational activities – so whether the tray is down or in the upright position, it provides miles of smiles!

When it’s time to set-up, simply, undo the velcro, slide it on and you are good to go! Is that easy? You bet it is! And then of course, the rest is up to your little one – and they’ll have no trouble playing with each and every toy! To transport is a breeze, and to flip from one side to the other is easy too. Some of the toys aren’t permanently attached, so you’ll need to stick with your little one to make sure they don’t toss things onto the floor…which to be honest, if you’re on a plane, and your little one is on your lap, you’ll be paying plenty of attention to them anyway! Trust us – if you’ve never flown with a child, you’ll find out!

The Air Play Travel Tray is made really well. Constructed of 100% cotton, the tray is actually even more “heavyweight” and durable than you would expect. All the seams are sewn strong, so you won’t find any breakdown their either. No cause for concern – just how we like it!

Top notch for sure! The Air Play Travel Tray is bright, colorful and full of fun little toys to keep your little one entertained! Visually it’s excellent!

This is a tricky one and here’s why – the Air Play Travel Tray is loaded with fun little toys for little ones – so there is plenty going on there. It is also super easy to set-up, take-down and travel with. The only issue we found was when it comes to putting the plane’s tray table up if someone needs to get by your seat. The company says the travel tray is designed to fold into the seat, but it isn’t quite as easy as you’d want. In some cases we felt like it might even be easier to just slip it off then try to close it in.

In a blind survey we priced the Air Play Travel Tray right around $20. With an actual retail price of $29.99 it is a bit higher priced than we would have liked. However – and this is a big however – when it comes to a toy designed to keep your little one happily occupied on a flight – and this one does the trick – you just might be willing to pay twice the price!

We have never seen anything like the Air Play Travel Tray! For us this is an all new, all excellent, all original idea – and we love it!

The Air Play Travel Tray for Star Kids is a five star product for sure! First off – it completely and perfectly covers those dirty air plane trays that children just love to put their hands all over. And it covers it easily and with tons of fun little activities to keep your child’s hands happily entertained! It is super durable and super original. If you’ve been looking for a solution for airplane fun for little ones – look no further – you’ve found it!

Manufacturer: Star Kids Products
Recommended Age: 6 - 24 months
Retail Price: $29.99
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