TRI-a-puzzle College Edition

TRI-a-puzzle, the College Edition is the latest craze for every sports fan. There’s a puzzle for over 60 of the nation’s leading colleges and universities. With TRI-a-puzzle you choose how you want to create your puzzle – in one of three different designs. Can you tackle it?

Are puzzles ever really that easy? Well, of course they take concentration and hard work, but beyond that Tri-a-puzzles are perfectly easy. Selecting which pattern to work with is easy – and when that is the major selling point (besides school loyalty of course) it should be. Absolutely easy to use.

Obviously, these puzzles have quite a few pieces (350 to be exact) so you’ll want to make sure you are working in a clean area where you can spread out and keep track of all pieces. If you don’t misplace any pieces, there are no durability concerns

Another product where five stars just aren’t enough (unless of course the puzzle you are working on is your school’s rival!). Oh – heck – even if that’s the case you just need to find your favorite and you’ll think you’ve found the coolest puzzle of all time! Excellent, fun, licensed collegiate designs!

How much functionality can a puzzle have? If it is a TRI-a-puzzle – it has three times the amount of function! And that is more than enough to stay on the positive side of our stars!

In a blind survey we priced TRI-a-puzzle College Edition right around $15. With an average retail price of just under $16.00, we couldn’t feel that this puzzle could be more perfectly priced. Fair and affordable.

Well, puzzles aren’t exactly original – they’ve been around forever. And of course licensed college gear isn’t entirely original either. But put those together, and add three different puzzles in one – and now we’re talking! A puzzle with loads of function, featured with your all-time favorite source of pride – that is definitely original!

Bet you didn’t think a puzzle could earn a five star rating? To be honest, neither did we! But TRI-a-puzzle did it! And they deserve it! Easy to use, even when selecting which puzzle to build, awesome visual appeal, superb functionality (for a puzzle) and perfectly priced. If you are a fan or alumni of a certain college, if you like puzzles, or if you hit both categories, you’re going to love TRI-a-puzzles!

Manufacturer: Late for the Sky Production Co.
Recommended Age: 8 to adult
Retail Price: $15.99
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