First Toddle® Baby Gym Baby Exercise Healthy Product Review

The First Toddle® Baby Gym is a 5-in-1 play and development system that gives babies a safer environment in which to learn to stand and walk. Emphasizing Gross Motor Skills, the First Toddle Baby Gym stimulates your baby’s creativity and improves Cognitive Development. As your baby grows, First Toddle’s advanced play features and accessories expand and change to entertain for months and years to come – infant play, stable support for new toddlers, advanced toddler play, and sports. The First Toddle Baby Gym has parallel bars that are adjustable – able to be set to three different heights – 17″, 22″, 27″- important for infants who need the lowest setting and growing children who enjoy the higher settings (adjustable height also allows for additional accessory use). The First Toddle Baby Gym is also designed to help children with Special Needs. Play-based growth and fun – all in one easy package. Can be configured in 6+ designs. Includes 10 sports toys and accessories.

First off let’s say this – First Toddle Baby Gym can be put together in an almost unlimited number of configurations – and Dads are going to love it – because it all goes together easily! With no tools required! And once configured, whether for infant play, first steps, toddler play or a sports center – just step back and let kids do what they do best – play and learn! Designed for infants, First Toddle is a safe place for them to lay and play. And when it’s time to learn to walk, First Toddle Baby Gym creates a safe area for them to hold themselves up and walk along. Is First Toddle easy to use? For parents? Absolutely. For kids? Even easier!

First Toddle Baby Gym assembles and disassembles very easily – but that doesn’t mean the parts and components are made flimsily. When assembled properly, there are absolutely no durability concerns. First Toddle is designed to handle everything your growing child can throw at it – and it stands up to the test very well.

When it comes to visual appeal, we’re happy to say this is one of those products where five stars just isn’t enough. It’s bright. It’s colorful. It can be configured in so many different ways – and when set-up it just attracts children – no matter what the age! There are fun toys and components included for babies and toddlers. From a strictly visual perspective First Toddle has it all!

Functionality? Are you kidding? Short of changing your child’s diapers and nursing them to sleep, it would be hard to find something else you would want out of First Toddle Baby Gym! Like we mentioned, the configurations are virtually unlimited. And if you choose to work with one of the main set-ups, you have a gym that goes from infant to young toddler to advanced toddler – it literally grows and changes with your child as they grow! Little ones can crawl, reach, explore, pull, stand, step, cruise, walk, turn, kick, play, discover and create with the one toy. How’s that for functionality?

One other area of functionality that is definitely worth mentioning is how strong of a product First Toddle Baby Gym is for Special Needs children. With the support and design, First Toddle seems to be the perfect product to help Special Needs children with walking and balance.

If there is one category where First Toddle Baby Gym takes a small hit, it is in cost efficiency. First Toddle isn’t inexpensive. With a retail price of just under $130 you are definitely going to be spending to bring this toy home. Now, in its defense, First Toddle will be the only play gym you’ll need for your child as they grow through their first three plus years. So if you compare that to the concept of having to buy as many as three or more play pieces, you may be looking at a saving.

Play gyms and activity centers for children obviously isn’t a new item to hit the market, but by combining so many different areas of growth and exploration in one awesome toy, First Toddle Baby Gym is definitely setting the standard. This won’t just grow with your child for a few months, it grows with your child for a few years! Put it all together and you have one unique product building on so many of the best parts of really well thought out play gyms and mats.

Overall we were definitely impressed with First Toddle Baby Gym. Yes, it is expensive. But if you can get past the price tag you are going to be giving your little one a play and learning center that will grow with them for years. It’s easy to configure, and definitely easy for kids to play with. It has a super-fun look that will have your kids running to it (after it helps them learn to walk!). And from a functionality perspective, the uses and designs are virtually limitless. First Toddle Baby Gym is one of the most complete play systems you can find for your growing child!

Manufacturer: First Toddle, Inc.
Recommended Age: 3 months to 3+ years
Retail Price: $129.95 (updated 5/19)
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