Angel Baby Kit

Adorably packaged in a sweet gift box, the Angel Baby Kit contain an assortment of products a new mama needs for her new angel, and no scary toxic ingredients to worry her mind! Organic bath blossoms help calm fussy babies, and the best-selling diaper-rash balm soothes and protects bitsy bottoms. Pure, mild shampoo and body wash clean tiny toes, and the glorious organic baby lotion and oil nourish sensitive skin. The peacefully, sleep inducing CD helps lull a tired baby (and mama) off to dreamland!

The Angel Baby Kit includes:
Angel Baby Bath Blossoms, 42 g.(1.5 oz.)
Angel Baby Bottom Balm, 30 ml.(1 oz.)
Angel Baby Lotion, 60 ml.(2 oz.)
Angel Baby Oil, 30 ml.(1 oz.)
Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash 50 ml (1.67 fl. oz.)
Angel Baby Sleep CD

If nothing else, the Angel Baby Kit is certainly easy to use. Whether you use the Bath Blossoms to help unwind in the tub to help relax baby, the Baby Bottom Balm to quiet those pesky rashes, or the Shampoo & Body Wash to clean – all Angel Baby products are super-easy to work with!

Packaged in an adorable gift box, the Angel Baby Kit definitely has a sweet look. Individually, each item has a look that stands out as a pure, organic, natural product. Top notch!

It’s obvious when the good folks from Earth Angel Baby Mama put this kit together they thought of everything! From the Bath Blossoms to the Oil and Lotions, Shampoo & Body Wash, Balm and CD – if it is an item you need to keep baby comfortable, calm and happy, you’ll find it in this kit. Another thing we really liked was that the kit really gives you a chance to try so many of Earth Angel Baby Mama’s items to figure out which ones work best for you and baby!

Priced at $39.95 the Angel Baby Kit is definitely not inexpensive. For a “sampler” kit we would have liked to see the pricing between $25 and $30. All in all, however, you can see where the dollars go with this kit, because unlike other “sampler” kits, you aren’t getting only sampler sized products. And with such a nice assortment of products included there are plenty for you to try!

We’ve seen plenty of baby care products come across our desks, and we’ve seen plenty that are organic and natural – so there isn’t anything groundbreaking there. However, we really liked how much thought went into the creation of this kit, and how many different items were included. Like we mentioned before, Earth Angel Baby Mama has thought of just about everything you need to care for your baby, and it seems like they put it all in this kit!

Any experienced parent knows – each and every baby is different – and you never know which products are going to work best for yours. But Earth Mama Angel Baby has spent plenty of time developing and perfecting their all-natural products in an attempt to calm and comfort your baby the safe, organic way. The Angel Baby Kit includes so many different products aimed at helping your little one. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but remember, you are getting so many different products that you can easily see where the dollars are spent. Definitely a great item for you and your baby, or the perfect gift for family and friends!

Manufacturer: Earth Mama Angel Baby
Recommended Age: Baby/toddler
Retail Price: $39.95
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