Young Artist Texture Painting Set

Experience the joy of creative artistic expression with the Young Artist Texture Painting Set from Faber-Castell USA. This 12 piece set has everything your kids need to experiment with color, texture, paint and patterns. Includes 5 colors of washable tempera paint, 5 texture tools, paint tray and 20 sheets of paper, and a fully illustrated instruction guide that includes paint mixing chart, tips and techniques.

If there’s one thing kids know how to do – it’s play with paint! Moms and Dads may want to help a little bit with the set-up, but otherwise, you’ll be happy to leave kids to their own creations! Plus your kids will really enjoy exploring the instruction guide for info on mixing colors, tips and new techniques. And all of the brushes are kid size and super easy to use.

We were really impressed with the durability of this set. Yes, there are only so many sheets of paper included, and yes, eventually the paint will run out. But the instruction guide and the five brushes will endure! Add in any washable, non-toxic paint and care for your brushes properly, and this kit will last a lifetime!

It’s cool brushes…and cool paints…yes – it has plenty of visual appeal! Your kids will jump at the opportunity to create with the different brushes, and it all comes in a handy carrying kit. The kit just looks awesome (and it is)!

The Young Artist Texture Painting Set includes five different texture brushes, and instructions on how to properly create with them. With the included five colored paints and you have just given all of the tools your kids need to paint and create. We couldn’t ask for more function than that!

The Young Artist Texture Painting Set has a retail price of $17.99. Yes, we would have liked it to be a few dollars less (maybe right around $15), but for all that is included you really can’t call the price outrageous. There’s five brushes, five sets of paint, paper and an instruction guide included. Not bad for the price…not bad at all…

Of course there are other art sets, even painting sets for kids, but we were definitely impressed with how well this one was put together. First off, the brushes are likely unlike anything your children have ever used – and they are made to last. Add in the rest of the items in the kit and you’ve got a well thought out painting set for kids to enjoy.

Overall we really like Faber-Castell’ USAs Young Artist Texture Painting Set. First off, it includes everything your kids need to get right to work (even paper) and that is a big plus. With the unique brushes and fun washable paint colors all at a pretty affordable price and you are looking at the perfect paint set for budding artists! Five stars for sure!

Manufacturer: Faber-Castell USA
Recommended Age: 5 years +
Retail Price: $17.99
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