WubbaNub Pacifier Baby Paci Holder Product Review


Safe, soothing and perfect for tiny hands, WubbaNub allows baby to easily grasp and manipulate their own pacifier. WubbaNubs are available in an assortment of captivating characters. Great for assisting in hand-eye coordination for little ones. Machine washable and latex free.

First things first – you have to accept your baby using a paci (which for the record – we strongly endorse – anything that keeps baby happy keeps Mommy and Daddy happy!). And once you take this step, there is nothing easier out there to keep the pacifier in your baby’s mouth than a WubbaNub. Hand one of these little guys over and you’ll be amazed watching your baby do the rest. In no time they’ll be handling, holding and most importantly, pacifying themselves thanks to the WubbaNub.

We didn’t find any major reason to worry about durability. The plush is made well and is machine washable – so it is possible to clean if necessary. The only issue here is that the pacifier itself is not replaceable, so once that wears out, you’ll need to move on to another WubbaNub.

Five stars isn’t enough! WubbaNubs are absolutely adorable – and come in so many different fun styles there is certain to be at least one to put a smile on your little one’s face!

WubbaNubs are the perfect combination of a pacifier and stuffed animal. Your baby will be able to grab, hold and place the pacifier in their own mouth in no time. All big plusses in the functionality department. The only functionality issue falls back to the fact that you can’t replace the pacifier when it wears out.

Priced just under $13, WubbaNubs aren’t exactly your cheap pacifier, but you aren’t going to misplace them as easily as a regular paci. For some people, they may not want to purchase them for their own babies, but they do make the perfect gift for other newborns at that price! Plus with the machine washable feature, it’s clear that the WubbaNub folks put plenty of thought into this – and plan for you to keep it for a long time.

We have seen some other pacifier holders out there, but that doesn’t mean that WubbaNubs aren’t unique. With the variety of designs and styles, there is one you are sure to love. The variety of styles certainly add to the originality factor!

Overall, we really like WubbaNubs. Remember, if you are a proponent of pacifiers, you’ll do anything to keep it in your kid’s mouth when they need it most! There are so many adorable designs, we couldn’t decide which one we loved best. And more importantly than that – they work – you’ll be amazed at how well! Yes, we would like to be able to change the attached pacifier, and we wouldn’t have minded the price being a few bucks less, but if you are in the market for the perfect pacifier holder or gift for a paci-loving baby – you can’t go wrong with a WubbaNub!

Manufacturer: Trebco Specialty Products, Inc.
Recommended Age: 0-6 months
Retail Price: $12.95
On the Web: www.wubbanub.com
Buy It Here: