Tangle Jr. – Neon/Sparkle

Tangle Jr. is a puzzle, a creative game, and a fidget toy perfect for tactile and visual sensory stimulation.

Ok…this is a simple, little, toy…take it out of the box and OH MY! If you underestimate the allure of the Tangle Jr. than too bad for you. All it takes is just a minute of holding, fiddling, turning, twisting, detaching and re-attaching and you’ll be hooked. Little kids to grown-ups will be happily playing in no time at all. Is it easy to use? You bet it is!

We twisted it. We turned it. We took the pieces apart and we put them back together. And after all that there is absolutely no cause for concern in the durability department. This little Tangle is made to last!

Again – if you see this in a toy store, near a cash register or even sitting out on a table – you may underestimate the Tangle Jr. Yes, it does have a look that draws you in – but the look doesn’t compare to the functionality (more on that in a minute) – and it does look cool! We took a look at both the Neon and the Sparkle styles – and they both look super cool.

So…we’ve gone over this already. You twist it. You turn it. You coil it. You uncoil it. You open it up. You snap it closed. You can move pieces around. You can leave them where they are. If you are the type of person that likes to have something to do with their hands (doodlers, fiddlers we are talking to you!), you’ll love Tangle Jr. It has so much fun and function your hands will stay happily entertained for hours!

We so rarely say this but….ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Tangle Jr. is priced so well – we wish we could have given more stars! $2.99! Under $3 – for a toy that provides hour after hour of entertainment! And it doesn’t break down! Seriously – five stars is simply not enough!

Take one look at Tangle Jr. and you’ll know this little toy is all-original. It bends…it twists…allright – we know, we’ve covered it already…but there is nothing else we’ve ever seen quite like it! Absolutely original!

It’s a five star sweep for Tangle Jr. It’s easy to use. It’s fun to play with. It just looks cool It is packed with function. It’s all original. And best of all – it’s perfectly priced! An excellent pick-up for your kids when you’re at the toy store and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s the perfect add-on to a birthday present – and we’ll even bet the birthday boy or girl gets more use out of this than the more expensive toys! We love Tangle Jr. – and we bet you will too!

Manufacturer: Tangle Creations
Recommended Age: 3 and up
Retail Price: $2.99
On the Web: www.tanglecreations.com
Buy It Here: