Tangle Creations Sportz Football

The Tangle Sportz Ball is designed for indoor and outdoor play. Made from soft Thermo Plastic Rubber, this football is easy for kids to catch and throw. Excellent for individuals with special needs. Available in a variety of colors.

It’s easy to play with! It really is! First off, of course this is a toy you can just hand over to the kids and let them enjoy. It’s easy to throw. It’s easy to catch. And those last two statements hold true for kids with special needs too (which is certainly a super-big plus in our book!).

Made of Thermo Plastic Rubber the Sportz Ball Football is designed to handle rough and tough play – indoors and out. We played with it, bounced it, threw it, dropped it and found no reason to worry about any breakdown in durability.

Well…it looks cool! You’ll see. Take out the football in front of a group of kids and watch them go for it. The design itself doesn’t just make it easy to catch and throw – it makes it look super cool! And with a few colors to choose from, your kids will be happy to select their favorite.

Throw it. Catch it. Indoors and out. That’s about all of the functionality we could come up with. That’s not to shortchange the fun value, it’s just it is a football after all – and there’s only so many things you can do with it!

We really like when a product is priced properly – and this one is! With a retail price of just under $11, the Sportz Ball Football is perfect to buy for your own kids or give it as a gift. The ball itself is unique, and may not be the only football your kids will want to play with, but at $11.99 that is just fine with us!

Obviously, a football isn’t exactly the most groundbreaking toy we’ve ever taken a look at. But we love what Tangle Creations did with the design. This is perfect to take to the park or the beach, or even toss it around the house. And with the nature of the design it is definitely easier for children with special needs to play with – a wonderful added bonus!

How does a toy football earn five stars? Easy – if it is the Sportz Ball Football from Tangle Creations. First off, it couldn’t be priced any better. Second of all, it’s made to last. And most importantly, the design makes this ball fun to use indoors and out – and it is totally fun to play with by all children – even kids with special needs! Excellent!

Manufacturer: Tangle Creations
Recommended Age: All ages
Retail Price: $10.99
On the Web: www.tanglecreations.com