Artterro Art Kits


Artterro literally means “Art of the Earth” – and all of Artterro Art Kits are quite different than your average craft kit. Where most companies spend their money on big cardboard boxes with lots of plastic packaging inside and pennies on the materials, Artterro skipped the excessive packaging and invested in 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, reusable bags and beautiful high-quality materials.

Artterro is committed to using as few resources as possible, respecting and enjoying the company of the people they work with, and taking into account the social and environmental impact they have on the planet and community at home. Artterro strives to offer worthwhile, affordable products that encourage friends and family to connect with each other and the very human need to create beauty in our lives.
We reviewed the following kits:
Art Dolls Kit – Craft four fun dolls with gorgeous handmade paper, glass beads, colorful 100% wool felt dresses and needle and thread. Turn them into bookmarks, decorations, scrapbook covers, friends to play with or even pins to wear!

Canvas Storybook Kit – Combine gorgeous hand-dyed batik and solid cotton fabric with ribbon, beads, and artist quality acrylic paint to illustrate a unique canvas book. Sew or glue fabric shapes onto the 6×8 inch pages.

Wire and Bead Art Kit – Twist colorful wire into large mobiles adorned with glass beads, make many small ornaments or even construct a unique sculpture. Includes a large variety of beautiful beads, marbles, thin and thick jewelry wire.

Bookmaking Kit – Make four small single-signature books with luxurious handmade paper. Use as journals, portfolios, scrapbooks, or write and illustrate an original story! Includes needles and craft thread.

We’ve seen some art kits come across our desks that are a bit too complicated to hand over and let the kids go. We’re happy to say, these don’t fall into that category. Little girls will love the Art Dolls Kit that includes the tools to easily create. Hand over the Wire and Bead Art Kit and get out of the way – kids have no problem working on these at all. The Canvas Storybook Kit and the Bookmaking Kit may require a little extra adult supervision, but older kids had no problem creating. All kits include all the pieces, components and tools your kids need.

All of Artterro’s Art Kits are made well – and the only durability issues lie with the fact that these are kids art projects. Basically, if you have a child that treats their art projects gently, they should last and last, but if you have kids that are a little rougher on their art supplies obviously they’ll break down a bit quicker. And of course, once the kits are completed you’ll need to either buy new ones or try to add the components back in for more creating fun.

Sometimes five stars isn’t enough – and this is one of them. First off, the kits themselves are just inviting. They are super-cute – and are certain to get your kids interested – and that is before they even start creating. Once the real fun begins your kids are going to be even happier. The end results are awesome! The books, the bracelets or necklaces, and the art dolls really are adorable – and your kids will be thrilled!

Artterro’s Art Kits are super functional – and give your kids the tools to use their imagination to create awesome projects. Your kids are given the materials, the instructions and the goal, and then they have the freedom to create!

We estimated the kits to come in somewhere between $10 and $15. With actual retail prices falling between $17 and $24 the prices are a bit more than we would have liked. However, and this is a big however, all of the kits are made with sustainable materials – and to us that scores an extra star! Sometimes paying a few dollars more is worth it – and we think this is one of those times!

Each of these kits are super-original. Too many art kits are the same old same old – and truth be told – the same old same old doesn’t really interest today’s kids. But each Artterro Kit is unique, and unlike anything any of our kids had ever seen. A true original!

We really enjoyed working with Artterro’s Art Kits – and we’re certain your kids will too! Yes, the price is a little bit higher than the type of kit we would normally get behind, but being earth-aware scores big points in our book. Add in that each kit really gives your children the opportunity to create something unique, fun and unlike anything that had ever done before, and we are certainly talking five stars for sure! If you have a child that enjoys art – they are going to love Artterro!

Manufacturer: Artterro
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $16.95 - $23.95
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