SwaddleMe® from Summer Infant Baby Product Review Swaddler

The SwaddleMe provides a simple, effective way to swaddle a newborn. By creating the comforting snugness and security of the womb, the SwaddleMe helps assure baby will sleep safe, sound and secure.

Available in multiple colors, fabrics, prints and sizes so you can choose the one that is perfect for your baby. Available is three sizes: Preemie Size: 3-7 pounds, Small/Medium Size: 0-4 months, 7-14 pounds, Large Size: 4-9 months, 14-22 pounds.

Well…you see the picture above, swaddling is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Truth is, any new parent will sing to you the benefits of swaddling, and SwaddleMe makes it so easy to do! And for some of you old-school type parents out there – yes, they improved on a simple blanket to make swaddling even easier to do! SwaddleMe is definitely easy to use!

No durability concerns here. SwaddleMe showed no signs of wear or tear after daily use, and it is totally machine washable. Big plus when it comes to anything baby!

Go ahead – we dare you to try to find something cuter than a swaddled newborn. And with a variety of styles and colors, SwaddleMe is certain to have one perfect for your tastes! Super-duper-cute!

SwaddleMe swaddles. That is what it does. That is all it does. But it does it perfectly! Swaddling your child with SwaddleMe is intuitive and easy. How’s that for functionality!

SwaddleMe carries a retail price of just $11.00 – but if you ask any parent who is searching for a good night sleep for their baby. In all actuality, $11.00 is right around the same price you may pay for a nice blanket for your baby. Yes, SwaddleMe is definitely affordable, and definitely well priced.

Well, it isn’t exactly novel to swaddle a baby. And, we have seen other swaddling blankets out there. But something in the design of SwaddleMe is like magic. Nearly every baby swaddled with SwaddleMe was happy and comfortable. That type of success is a big plus in our originality department!

Could you tell? We really, really love SwaddleMe. It is priced perfectly, it is easy to use, it is adorable to look at, and it just works. There really isn’t anything more to say about – other than SwaddleMe is awesome! Perfect for any baby in your life!

Manufacturer: Summer Infant
Recommended Age: 0 - 4 months
Retail Price: $11.00
On the Web: www.summerinfant.com
Buy It Here: