Sassy Seat™ Doorway Jumper

A unique locking mechanism holds this jumper easily in place in almost any doorway. The jumper’s height can be adjusted to keep babies safely on their tippy toes from about 4 months to walking. While baby is jumping and playing with the Sassy developmental toys attached to the seat, he/she develops leg muscles that will help with walking too. The lightweight jumper has a seat cover that zips off for machine washing.

Ease of use…interesting category to evaluate here…and like almost all of the categories when it came to this jumper, there are two sides to the story.

Side 1: Moms and Dads – you’ll be happy. Yes, this is a jump seat that attaches to a doorway. If you have the right type of doorway, attaching really isn’t too difficult. Plus it detaches easily for you to move to a different room.

Side 2: Some babies seemed to have a little difficulty using the jumper. Now, we’ll warn that not all babies like jumpers, so that has to be factored in. And some of our babies laughed, giggled and bounced for quite some time. On the other hand, some seemed to have a little trouble balancing/sitting upright – and it was necessary to stuff the seat with towels or stuffed animals.

So…if you look at ease of use as in ease of set-up – then no problem. If you look at it in how easily your child will start bouncing – that is a bit more difficult to guarantee.

No durability issues here. The jumper showed no sign of wear after multiple uses, and multiple set-ups and take-downs. Plus the cover did zip off and is machine washable for the inevitable. (And if you aren’t sure what the inevitable is, we’ll paint the picture – baby, bouncing, full diaper…hence, the inevitable.)

Super-duper cute. The Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper just looks adorable. Keep in mind, for some parents, this is sort of a portable, take-anywhere option. If you compare it to some of the large (more expensive) jumper set-ups it might look a little small…but it is supposed to. This is a jumper that easily goes with you – and it looks great too!

Like we mentioned above, not all kids love jumpers, so the battle starts there. Add in the other point we made, that some of our babies had a hard time balancing and/or fitting into the seat properly and you’ve got another strike. On the upside, your child can bounce, twist, rock and shimmy – and if they like bouncers there is a good chance they’ll like this one. Also – Sassy was sure to include a few simple toys for the baby to play with while in the bouncer – nice touch.

Nicely priced. In a blind survey, we estimated the price of the Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper to fall between $30 and $40. And it does. With an actual retail price of just under $35, this jumper seems to be perfectly priced.

We’ve seen other bouncers, ad we’ve seen other doorway bouncers, so we can’t say the Sassy Seat is entirely original either in concept or in execution. It does have a super-cute look and fun toys attached.

What a product! Some people love the doorway jumper, some people had a hard time finding the plusses. We will say this – if your child likes to bounce and jump the Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper is certainly worth a shot. It is fairly priced, and a lot less expensive than some of the larger jumpers, so you won’t be investing quite as much to find out if your child is a jumper seat kind of kid. It also has toys to help entertain your child while they bounce. Overall we liked the Sassy Seat, but like all jumpers, a lot depends on the baby!

Manufacturer: Sassy, Inc.
Recommended Age: 4-12 months
Retail Price: $34.99
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