Schylling Color Roller Baby Walking Toy Kids Product Review

When it comes to classic toys – the Color Roller from Schylling fits the bill! The Color Roller is a visually stimulating toy geared towards inspiring a toddler during their important developmental years. Simply push the Color Roller and watch as the yellow, blue, and red wheel changes to create all of the colors of the rainbow.

Does it really get any easier than a Color Roller? Nah…Hand it over to a little one and watch them happily roll away the hours! You can choose to use it as a learning tool and try to teach how the simple colors spin and combine to make all of the colors of the rainbow…that is if you can catch your child once they are rolling away!

No durability issues here…and believe us…our little ones (like all little ones) put these through the ringer. Of course getting them to keep the Color Roller on the ground is always a challenge, but if used properly (or even close to properly) the Color Roller should last and last!

Now…some parents may not be all that impressed with the look of the Color Roller, and that is just fine because it isn’t designed to attract them. What it does attract is little kids…in droves! They all want their chance to walk and run with the colorful, spinning Color Roller – and that speaks volumes. It may be a simple toy, but it catches a child’s eye, and they aren’t happy until they’ve had their fill!

Allright…so there really isn’t that much functionality. It rolls and makes cool colors…but that’s about it. Don’t get us wrong, that isn’t to say it needs to do more than it does, it is just limited in what it does do.

With an actual retail price of just under $25, the Color Roller is about $5 to $10 more than we had hoped for. Yes, it is made to last, but a price point of $15 would have made us a bit happier.

Here was another tricky category for us, simply because roller style toys have been around forever. That isn’t to say we don’t love them, it’s just to say that they aren’t exactly new inventions. Schylling did add cool colors and a neat rainbow effect to try to improve upon the classic – and they were successful in doing so. Yet all in all it is still difficult to award too many originality stars to a classic.

Our kids really, really love Schylling’s Color Roller – and if you ask them, it is five stars all the way! Keep that in mind when you read our review, because we were only able to award four based on the averages. But to our little kids (which matter most here) it is five stars for sure. Yes…it is a bit pricier than we like, and no it isn’t exactly an original concept…but who cares?! Our kids love it – and yours will too! Just hand it over and step back!

Manufacturer: Schylling
Recommended Age: 18 mo - 3 years
Retail Price: $24.99
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