Sassy Zanzibar Bouncer

Sassy’s Zanibar Bouncer is designed to be the perfect way for baby and mom to relax. The Zanzibar bouncer features a three-point harness to keep baby secure while he or she enjoys being nestled in his/her bouncer. The bouncer has an adjustable and removable head rest to provide extra support for newborns and infants. It has ON/OFF switch and volume control for 5 melodies, 3 soothing sounds, and 5 calming vibration modes. The removable toy bar with detachable toys includes an elephant that squeaks, a zebra that rattles and an alligator that crinkles.

As usual, we handed the bouncey-seat over to the “Dads” and got out of the way. And happily, within just a few minutes time all were set-up and ready to go. No blood, a little sweat, but no tears! Keeping Dads happy is almost as important as keeping little ones happy!

From there, simply place your little one in the seat, buckle the three-point harness and choose a melody, sound or one of five vibration modes. Easy-squeezy for sure!

Overall, we saw no major performance malfunctions, but unfortunately we just couldn’t give all five stars for durability simply because of the cleaning factor. Newborns and infants tend to poop allot – and this was a certainty with our babies. The only issue was in clean-up of these little messes. Some were able to spot-clean, in other cases we had to fully wash the seat. And inevitably, like all products prone to baby poop, you’ll see some wear/breakdown/staining over time. No major durability issues – just a standard concern for something like a bouncey-seat!

The Zanzibar Bouncer tends to fall into a little more of the conservative or simple style. For some parents/babies that is the perfect look…while others may prefer something brighter and bolder. Strictly a personal choice, yet we definitely liked the look of the Zanzibar Bouncer.

The Zanzibar Bouncer has all of the functionality one could hope for in a bouncey-seat. First off – it bounces! Then Sassy found it wise to add in such a wide variety of sounds and songs, and a multitude of vibration settings to keep baby comfortable and happy. And we couldn’t agree more with their decision!

No big shocker, but the parents we spoke with would have liked the bouncey-seat to be just a bit less price-wise. In a blind survey, they priced the unit somewhere between $35 and $40. With an actual retail price of just under $50, the Zanzibar Bouncer does tend to hit the top end of the price range for bouncers.

Obviously, bouncey-seats are nothing new. We do like some of the improvements that Sassy Baby added to this one – including the wide variety of sounds and vibration options, the removable play-bar is a big plus, and the “jungle-themed” style.

Overall, the Zanzibar Bouncer was definitely a hit with us! It is a comfortable, safe place to place your little one, that will last longer than you’ll actually need it. The jungle style is fun, and the unit is loaded with functionality thanks to the variety of sounds and vibration features. Pricing was obviously a bit more that we would have liked, but that wouldn’t be the first time we’ve ever said that! If you are in the market for a new bouncey-seat, take a look at the Zanzibar Bouncer – it won’t disappoint.

Manufacturer: Sassy, Inc.
Recommended Age: Newborn +
Retail Price: $49.99
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