Caden Lane Spill Mat


Manufacturer: Caden Lane
Recommended Age: Newborn - 4 years
Retail Price: $48.00
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Caden Lane Spill Mat

Caden Lane’s Coated Spill Mat is designed to handle all of life’s little messes! Great for eating, art projects and general messy activities. Serves as a catch all to keep car seats, highchairs and floors as clean as possible. (39″ x 39″)

Just like Caden Lane’s Piped Blanket, we don’t think really need to tell you how to work a spill mat do we?!  Unroll it, unfold it, lay your baby on top of it.  Put it under your child’s car seat, under their high chair or anywhere your little one is prone to make a mess.  It doesn’t get easier than that, does it?!

Spills, spit-ups, drips and drops – Caden Lane’s Coated Spill Mat caught them all, protected our floors and car seats, and wiped/washed clean.  No durability concerns even after multiple uses.

Like all of Caden Lane’s pieces, their Coated Spill Mats are just adorable.  Classic patterns and colors are used to create pieces that you want in your house.  This isn’t an unsightly “messy” towel that you’re placing under your baby’s messy areas, this is a stylish accent.

Sure it’s just a spill mat, but as far as spill mats go this one stands above the rest.  It captures all sorts of messes and keeps it off of your floors, car seats, etc.  Then it wipes and washes clean.  And it does it all stylishly!  So…yes, just a mat and we can’t award too many stars here – but it still has gotten our attention!

Caden Lane’s Coated Spill Mats are a bit expensive when some parents consider the alternative options (messy old sheet, towels, etc.).  But remember, unlike an old towel or sheet, Cade Lane’s Spill Mat is coated to keep moisture off of your floors and other surfaces.  And it isn’t just an unsightly piece of plastic – it is an adorable accent for your home.  When you consider all of those features, the pricings starts to seem more and more reasonable.

It is a little bit difficult to call a spill mat original – we get that.  But we really loved the style, the fact that it’s coated, and how easily it spot cleans and washes.  Put that all together and you can see that Caden Lane really put some thought into what they were creating here – and it shows.  Now that is definitely original.

Caden Lane has done it again.  They found a need, created a product to address that need, and did it all in top style!  First off, their Spill Mats are adorable – and will look fantastic in almost any home.  Next, they really work – keeping spills off your floor.  And finally, the mat cleans pretty well – so as you use it at home it will still look good day after day.  The price is on the high side for something you might not thought you ever needed, but if you can afford a few extra dollars you won’t be disappointed!