Caden Lane Piped Blanket


Caden Lane’s oversized Piped Blankets have a piped trim that offers a more contemporary, less traditional look. The cotton/minky fabric is the perfect texture and gentleness for wrapping up or snuggling with little ones. Dimensions 38″ x 28″.

We don’t really need to tell you how to work a blanket do we?! Unroll it, unfold it, lay your baby on it, wrap your little one in it! It doesn’t get easier than that, does it?!

Durability is always a concern with products for little ones – and it is clear that Caden Lane understands too! Spot clean for little spit-ups and spills, and toss it in the laundry for bigger stains. All stitching is tight, and all seams are put together well. After multiple hugs, wrap-ups, lay-ons and carry alongs, we saw no breakdown as far as durability goes. No worries here!

Just stunning and adorable. Caden Lane is known for their fun, fresh, classic styles – and their line of Piped Blankets holds true. Whether you want to add the blanket to the decor of your child’s nursery, toss it on their bed for an accent piece, or have them use it for extra cozy comfort – Caden Lane’s Piped Blankets fit the bill perfectly and stylishly.

Well…it is just a blanket…and it does just what blankets do…

Caden Lane’s Piped Blankets are really, really nice – but they aren’t inexpensive. With a retail price of $44 we are the first to admit, that is on the high end of blankets for little ones. However, it is so super soft, and definitely stylish. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on a special something for your special little one, it will be money well spent with Caden Lane.

Yes – we know – there is nothing original about a blanket for kids…but check out Caden Lane’s styles and you’ll see originality at every turn! The patterns are classic, stunning and warm all at the same time. The piping adds a wonderful, elegant touch. And the cotton/minky fabric is so soft to the touch. Put it all together and you’ve got a blanket that is setting the standard in the world of blankets.

Ok…we’ll admit it…we love Caden Lane’s Piped Blankets. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, it’s just a blanket. But really, take a look at these in person and you’ll see the differences. The patterns are stunning, they are super well made, and so soft it’s hard to imagine wanting to give your little one anything else to wrap around them! Five stars it is!

Manufacturer: Caden Lane
Recommended Age: Newborn - 4 years
Retail Price: $44.00
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