Kushies Zolo Toys

Kushies Zolo toys are designed to encourage self-expression, build self-confidence and inspire the imagination. Inspired by EQ, the Theory of Emotional Intelligence, and with the guidance of child development experts, the ZQ approach nurtures emotional self-confidence while fostering cognitive and physical growth.

Zolo Barbell Stacker – Here’s to Baby Power! Lightweight and easy to hold. Plush rings are removable and ideal for stacking. Shake for chime and rattle sounds. Visually stimulating and helps baby with dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 6 months+

Zolo Cha Cha Barbells – Easy gripping for little hands. Each barbell has its own amazing sound effect, one boings and the other chimes! Newborn+

Zolo Fuzzi Bubbi – Soft and sweet, music to your ears. Pull on Kushies Zolo Fuzzi Bubbi’s tail to start the music. Cheerful and amusing to engage baby. Soft, plush and velvety touch appeal. Fun stretchy curls help to develop dexterity. Easy to attach to any stroller, diaper bag or car seat with its attachable loop. Newborn+

As most baby toys tend to be, these are certainly easy to use. Place them in your baby’s hands, assist with holding, pulling, playing, rattling and touching to encourage coordination and play! Easy as can be!

We liked just how well each of the Kushies toys were made. We all know that pretty much any toy you hand over to a baby is going to end up in their mouth. And we think it’s great because Kushies certainly understands that too! We wouldn’t recommend tossing these in the wash, but they spot clean well enough.

Super bright colors and super fun designs. Kushies toys are made to attract little eyes and little hands – and they definitely do it! Add in the jingle-jangle noises that they all make (yes, we know – that isn’t visual appeal – but the sounds certainly get kids looking!) and you can see the thought put in to each piece to get the most fun out of them!

Baby toys in general aren’t made to be super-functional – especially toys for newborns – and the Kushies line holds true. The Barbells shake and rattle, the Stackable Barbells do pull apart and stack, and the Fuzzi Bubbi is fun to touch and plays sweet sounds. Kushies did pack in some function, but there probably is room for just a little more.

The Zolo line of Kushies toys is not inexpensive. We wouldn’t call them super pricey, but they aren’t exaclty cheap either. In blind surveys our parents priced these toys between $10 and $15. With actual retail prices falling in the $21 to $25 range, they are a bit more expensive than we would have liked. However – each piece is well made and is super visual. Many of our parents said they might not be thrilled about buying the pieces for their own children, but would love to give or receive them as shower/birthday gifts.

There have certainly been baby toys around for hundreds of years – and most are soft and make sweet sounds – so that isn’t exactly original. But what we did really like was the way Kushies mixed fun colors, unique shapes and bright sounds to create toys that just draw children in. Nice.

Overall we really liked exploring these toys with our little ones. The bright colors and fun sounds grabbed their attention and kept it for interactive play. Between the colorful design and the special features of each Kushies Zolo toy, our parents found smiles and giggles from their babies. The pieces all spot clean well, and should last. Pricing is a bit higher than some of our parents would have liked – but not too outrageous in the scheme of things. A great gift idea for the newborn in your life!

Manufacturer: Kushies
Recommended Age: Newborn+
Retail Price: $21.00 - $25.00
On the Web: www.kushies.com
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