Diaper Genie II Elite Advanced Disposal System

The Diaper Genie II Elite System is a diaper disposal incredibly simple to use with its foot pedal for hands-free disposal. The taller ergonomic design means it’s easy for you to hold your child and dispose a diaper at the same time. Just step, drop and go. The Diaper Genie II Elite System takes care of the rest. To empty the pail, use the internal childproof cutter and seal. Diapers and odors are gone in an instant. Double-Lock design seals in odor keeping your baby’s room odor free. It has five-layer refill with odor-barrier technology. Foot pedal allows for easy, hands-free disposal unlike original Diaper Genie System, no twisting required.

What to do with those wonderful stinky gifts your little one leaves for you? They smell…they are damp…you really don’t want to have to touch them after they are removed…and Diaper Genie gets it! They took the original design of their Diaper Genie and improved on it – in a big way! The Diaper Genie II Elite System is so easy to use you may look forward to changing your baby! (Well…that may take it a little too far – but it is super easy!) Simply step on the foot pedal, drop the diaper in, and you are on your way. The diaper is sealed in a stink-free environment! And when it is time to empty the pail, simply use the internal cutter, load into your garbage can and you are done. For diaper disposal – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

In use after use after use – we found no breakdown in the durability or reliability of the Diaper Genie II. The only reason we were forced to give it only four stars here is because you do have to purchase refills after the bag runs out. Otherwise – no durability issues.

Clean lines…nice styling…it’s not a new car – but it is an unobtrusive waste can that fits in with any decor. Keep it in babies bedroom, by the changing table, or anywhere you change your child’s diapers. No matter where you place it, most people won’t even know it is anything but a regular garbage can.

As we mentioned, Diaper Genie II is an improvement on an already great product. They took away the twisting and turning, and kept up perfect odor-locking – actually making this Diaper Genie even better than the original. It takes the worry out of diaper disposal and removal – and that is all the functionality we’re looking for.

Diaper Genie II is definitely priced fairly. In our blind survey, we priced it right around $25 – $30. With an actual retail price of just under $35, our parents felt it was certainly fair. However…the one thing you have to keep in mind is that you’ll be buying refills for the bags. You won’t have to but them that often…but the refills cost around $5 – $7 each.

Diaper disposal isn’t exactly an all-new idea. And really, Diaper Genie set the standard for the market…so the Diaper Genie II is certainly competing against itself. With that said, they still packed this model with new features for diaper storage, odor elimination and removal – adding all new twists to an already original product.

Simply put – everyone who has to change diapers needs a Diaper Genie II. It is the ultimate way to stash those dirty diapers and eliminate the odors. The folks at Diaper Genie took an already impressive product and made it even better. Pricing is fair – and it will last longer than you’ll need it! And best of all it is a super easy, virtually hands-free way to get rid of those nasty diapers! Five stars for sure!

Manufacturer: Playtex
Recommended Age: Infant
Retail Price: $34.99
On the Web: www.playtexbaby.com
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