The Most Amazing, Fantastic Book of Origami and other Fabulously Fun Fold-Ups


Have fun creating incredible and fantastic fold-ups from Japanese paper cranes to American paper-engineered planes. Learn how to make secret notes, dollar bill rings, cootie catchers, leaping frogs and more! With a 30-page wire-o bound book and 90 origami sheets, you can fold up some of the most imaginative paper creations yet!

Allright…so everyone loves origami…you have to admit it…those little animals and designs are just so cool to look at…if there was only an easy way to learn how to do it yourself…Now – there is! This amazing book of origami lessons includes everything you need to create designs you never thought you could handle. The step-by-step instructions are clear, concise and easy to understand. And the book itself includes 90 bright, colorful sheets to get right to work. Kids right around the recommended age of 7 are able to get started right away – and with a little bit of concentration and patience are able to create! So cool!

The instruction book is made strong to last – and the wire-o ring design allows for easy flipping and holds the page open to exactly the project you want (no bending or creasing needed). The set includes 90 sheets of paper to work with, which will actually last quite a while. And once your kids have run through the 90-sheets, they can keep right on creating with regular computer/copy paper, magazines, and more. No durability issues here!

It’s a book – but it really packs a lot of visual appeal. The illustrations, drawings and colors are all bright and fun! And they aren’t overwhelming! When your child looks through the book they won’t be intimidated – they’ll be ready to jump right in! And when other kids see the creations, they are ready to get started too! Now that is visual appeal!

The book packs plenty of instructions for creating new and fun origami designs. There’s paper plane construction tips too! And, like we mentioned, includes 90 sheets of paper so once you have the book you can get started. Once your child completes the designs in the book, they may set-it down for a while, but they can always go back and start creating again. And we saw that some kids were even interested in seeking out more origami patters to learn!

In a blind survey our parents priced this book right around $15. With an actual retail price of just under $17, the book is a little more than our parents were hoping for – but certainly not outrageously priced. It is a large, colorful book and it includes the paper – so you can see where the dollars go.

Some of our parents had seen other books on origami, but none that were this easy to understand, this bright and fun, and included this many sheets of paper. The presentation is tailored very well for young kids, which helps add to its originality. This book is definitely a new, fun take on teaching origami skills to kids!

Overall we really like this awesome book! It has easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions that are standing by and waiting to help your kids create the coolest origami creations! It’s priced fair, looks great, and can be used as a tool for your kids to create origami long after the 90 sheets of paper run out. If you have a art-loving, creative child, this book is the perfect addition to their library!

Manufacturer: Shure Products, Inc.
Recommended Age: 7 years +
Retail Price: $16.99
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