Zutano Clothing for Baby and Children


Zutano is a force to be reckoned with in the children’s clothing industry. They are committed to creating exceptional product designs and manufacturing superior quality products for the love, uniqueness and diversity of all children. Zutano designs their clothes to be “supremely comfortable, utterly fashionable and uniquely fun!”

We’ll start by saying this – they are children’s clothes after all! Made of 100% cotton, and machine washable, the pieces that our kids wore from Zutano did wash rather well. Spot cleaning helped messes early on, but the washing machine did do the trick. Luckily – kids grow so fast these days that before they are able to really get clothing grimy and worn they are on to the next size!

Knock down, drag out, absolutely adorably cute! There is no question about this category – Zutano has it covered! It seems that one piece is just cuter than the next. Parents loved dressing their little ones in them – and little ones seemed to brighten up wearing them. Zutano clothing has big time visual appeal!

One thing we liked very much about Zutano is the range of their line. They have sizes from newborn to 4T, and pretty much every article of clothing you may need. So as far as the line goes – they have you covered with stylish fun clothing. And yes, while the prices can get a little steep (more on that shortly) at least the clothing is all machine washable for the best and easiest clean-up possible.

Cost Efficiency is a tough category for Zutano and here’s why – some of the items are a bit expensive, but not all are. Yes, these are somewhat high-fashion clothes for children, but they are also fun clothes that parents really want their kids to wear. Some of the more expensive items may be better reserved for gift giving, but many could be a nice addition to your child’s wardrobe. They are pricey in some instances – but not out of the ball park by any stretch.

Five stars for sure! Zutano designs are stylish, fresh and all original! You have to check them out to see what we mean!

It’s not often that a line of clothing for children comes along and can wow us quite like Zutano did. Like we mentioned once or twice – the clothes are adorable, and luckily, the prices aren’t ridiculous. They wash well, and are thankfully machine washable. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to give your little one a designer feel, Zutano may just be the perfect line for you and your family!

Manufacturer: Zutano
Recommended Age: Newborn - 4 years
Retail Price: $9 - $50
On the Web: www.zutano.com
Buy It Here: