Tea Collection Chrysanthemum Bud Sleep Set

Close fitting, luxurious Pima cotton is brushed inside for extra softness. Tea Collection’s inspired prints and cozy knit rib will make bedtime your child’s favorite hour. Made of 100% pima cotton, machine washable.

We wouldn’t usually rate something like a sleep set for ease of use, but we will say this…these pjs are comfy! And if you have a little one who you struggle with to get into pjs the softness may just help! Wishful thinking at least!

We were definitely happy to see how well these pjs washed. They came clean easily and they stayed soft. And best of all they are machine washable. Excellent durability.

Super-super-cute! What else can you say! The Chrysanthemum Bud Sleep Set is absolutely adorable – and it looks as soft as it feels!

Well…the parents we work with on our reviews are always, always, always practical. And unfortunately, when it comes to pjs many of them are looking for affordability over quality. And this sleep set is expensive. Many of our parents tell us they like to keep the cost of their pjs right around $10 or less – and at a price point of $35 the Chrysanthemum Bud Sleep Set is much, much higher.

We’ve seen super-cute pjs before, but none quite this luxuriously soft for little ones. This sleep set had our group standing up and taking notice – and that says something for pjs!

Bottom line – we loved these pajamas – we just didn’t love the price. They are so soft, so comfy, and all of our parents agreed that is what we want on our children when they sleep. Unfortunately many on our team just weren’t comfortable spending quite so much on pajamas. However, if you can afford the cost, you’ll love the comfort the Tea Collection provides.

Manufacturer: Tea Collection
Recommended Age: 6 months - 8 years
Retail Price: $35.00
On the Web: www.teacollection.com
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