Football Toss Tailgating Game

Football Toss is a fame the entire family will enjoy. Players toss bolos at the rungs and score points for each bolo that lands on a rung (each rung scores different points). Each Football Toss game includes instructions, 6 football bolos (2 sets of 3), and 2 metal goal posts with football field bases, and a carry case. Also available in a baseball themed version.

Oh Football Toss you look like you’d be so easy to play…and that is the kicker! But before we get to level of difficulty, let’s talk about ease of set-up. Well…it’s easy! Especially when compared to other “bolo-ball” style games. The metal goal posts and sturdy base make this set-up a snap. Now…actually hooking a bolo? That takes practice! But once you hit one – you’ll be hooked! So we’ll stick with ease of set-up and getting into the game to keep our stars high!

With a sturdy base and metal post we’re happy to say there are no durability concerns here at all! Other “bolo-ball” games that you have to jam into the ground aren’t quite as sturdy – but Football Toss eliminates any of those concerns with its base.

Well it just looks like a blast! And it looks like it should be easy to master! So…one out of two isn’t bad! But those two factors – the fun factor and the anyone can play factor keep Football Toss on the high end of Visual Appeal! Bottom line…it really just looks cool!

Football Toss truly is functional for the world of “bolo-ball”. The metal posts and base make set-up easy, and the included carry bag keeps transporting the game simple. As far as a tailgate game goes – that is all the functionality you can ask for!

Football Toss isn’t an inexpensive item – licensed versions cost around $80 and generic versions around $70. Now, it is sturdy and made to last, so you aren’t going to be tossing it out after a couple of uses…but it is a bit pricey.

Football Toss – or “bolo-ball” – is a game that is catching on quickly in popularity at outdoor functions, picnics and tailgates, so we can’t say we’ve never seen a game like this before. But what we can say is the look is unique and the upgrade of the sturdy base are true improvements on the original. And those improvements alone are enough for four stars from us!

The first thing you’ll notice is that Football Toss is easy to set up. The next thing you’ll notice is just how difficult it is to actually play – and how addicting it is! Football Toss is made well, and they didn’t just copy the original game, they improved upon it. Pricing is a bit high, but if you can afford it, Football Toss is the perfect addition to your picnic, back yard or tailgate!

Manufacturer: Wild Sales
Recommended Age: 14 years +
Retail Price: $79.99 licensed, $69.99 generic
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