Washer Toss Tailgating Game

Washer Toss is an exciting game that can be enjoyed by everyone! Washer Toss combines elements of skill found in horseshoes and bean bag toss. Packs up easily for quick storage and travel. Game includes instructions, 8 team colored washers (2 sets of 4), and 8 team mini bean bags for the kids, along with two target boards.

Unhinge the super-portable Washer Toss and you are ready to let the tailgating fun begin! Washer Toss is easy to play, although difficult to master! In no time at all you’ll turn any outdoor event, backyard bbq or tailgating party into an even more fun afternoon with the easy-to-use Washer Toss!

Game after game we found no breakdown with Washer Toss. You’ll want to make sure the person who sets it up and packs it away at the end of the fun is gentle to avoid dings or scratches.

You know there is no question about it…at any picnic or tailgate there is always a crowd gathered around the party game. And if you aren’t playing, you’re waiting to! Washer Toss is no exception. something about the look of it has everyone thinking they can ace it too! Set up a game of Washer toss and there will be no shortage of competitors waiting to give it a run! Add in the excellent appeal of both the generic or the licensed versions and you’ve got a surefire hit at every event!

Not too much too go wrong here. Unlatch it, set-it up, and start playing. Washer Toss is exactly as functional as you would hope it to be.

In our blind survey, we priced Washer Toss right around $30 for generic version and $40 for the licensed version. With pricing set at just under $40 and $50 respectively the price point wasn’t too far off what we expected.

The game play behind Washer Toss wasn’t exactly groundbreaking or entirely original. We did like the licensed look offered by the teams – but beyond that, Washer Toss is not overly original in its design.

Overall we really liked Washer Toss! It is not overly large or heave, and that helps add a big plus to the portability factor making it easy to carry, transport and set up. The licensed version adds an extra kick for sports fans, but the generic version will attract the same large crowd every time you set it up to play. It’s also easy to set up and get the party going – and you know we like that! To add a little extra fun to your next tailgate or party you can’t go wrong with Washer Toss!

Manufacturer: Wild Sales
Recommended Age: 14 years+
Retail Price: $59.99 licensed, $49.99 generic
On the Web: www.tailgatetoss.com
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