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Your kids can publish your own book with the IlluStory Make Your Own Book Kit! The IlluStory award-winning activity kit allows future authors to write and illustrate their very own story on special book pages provided. Once the story is complete, it is sent to be published, and in a few short weeks the budding writer receives a color-copied, professionally type set hardbound book. Ideal for ages five and up, this innovative kit nurtures enthusiasm for reading, writing, and illustrating.

Each IlluStory box includes 18 book pages, 2 cover pages, 10 washable markers, story web planner, instructions, order form, and prepaid envelope.

Whether your child choose to write and illustrate the book by hand or use the online function, IlluStory is definitely easy to work with – in fact it was even easier than most of our parents expected. Yes, your child has to plan. And yes, your child has to actually sit down and write the story and draw the pictures. But IlluStory really does the rest. And if your child chooses the online option they can use the templates and “paint” program to bring it all together. Then when finished, IlluStory handles all the publishing. Simply upload online or use the pre-paid envelope and in 3-4 weeks time the finished, published story will arrives at your door.
Additional Ease of Use Note: Our parents were really pleased with how easily the entire process came together, but one family asked us to include a little extra. One of our children testing IlluStory used the online feature to create. An issue arose, and the family called in to IlluStory’s help line and were met with courteous, warm support and help. With a quick conversation the issue was solved and a few days later our junior author completed his book. The folks from Creations By You made the process so easy – even when there was a small hitch in the process!

No worries here! The kit itself is durable, made well, and includes washable markers for animating the story. And the finished product is as advertised – a durable, hard cover book.

Five stars? Not enough! First off, the kit itself looks top notch – not like some “cheapy” art project. Next, the design is super-professional, both online and when using the pages to color. Third, the delivered book looks awesome! It’s hard-cover, bound in your child’s choice of color – and yes – all of the pages are their hard work! But most visually appealing of all is the look on your child’s face when they open the package and read their book for the first time! Unforgettable!

Really, you couldn’t ask for more functionality than IlluStory offers. Create by hand or create online. Use the enclosed pages and markers, or the templates from the website. Upload online, or send in using the stamped envelope. The finished book is then delivered right to your door! Functional? Absolutely!

In a blind survey our parents priced IlluStory between $25 and $30. With an actual retail price of $21.95, our parents weren’t just pleased, they actually felt as though they were getting a good value! How often do you hear that?!

None of our parents or kids had seen or heard of anything quite like IlluStory before. Sure some of the kids had tried writing their own books before, but the results were never like this! An original for sure!

Does your child love to read or write? If you answered yes, then IlluStory is the perfect gift for them! Our parents, and more importantly our kids just loved it! One little author slept with his book and took it to school with him when it arrived! And – he wouldn’t even put it in his backpack with the rest of his book – he carried his story by hand! If you have a child who will sit down and take the time to write and illustrate their book – they will absolutely be thrilled with the finished product! Five stars all the way!

Manufacturer: Creations by You
Recommended Age: 6 - 12 years
Retail Price: $21.95
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