Baby Face by Brainy Baby

Baby Face is a colorful spinning wheel with center plunger to help teach your baby their different emotions! Baby Face has 6 real-life baby faces that express common feelings your little one experiences. 3 Hammy buttons teach emotions and ask questions. 2 object buttons reinforce lessons and teach colors. Requires (2)AA batteries (batteries not included with purchase).

Put it down in front of your baby and step back! It doesn’t get much easier than that! Something about bright colors, spinning wheels and funny faces were more than enough to interest our little ones and get their hands on Baby Face! Little hands were all over this fun spinning wheel – pressing buttons and hearing sounds. Definitely easy for little ones to enjoy!

Baby Face was designed for…well…babies. Baby hands. Baby drool. Baby spit-up. Baby Face can take it all – and it wipes clean pretty easily No durability issues here.

Bright colors, spinning action and baby faces! What more could a baby ask for?! If you saw the giggles and smiles of our little ones you’d agree – they weren’t looking for anything more!

Baby Face spins. Baby Face makes noises when little hands press buttons. Baby Face has little baby faces looking back at your baby. It doesn’t change their diapers or give them baths, but for a toy, Baby Face scored pretty well with our parents on functionality!

In a blind survey our parents priced Baby Face between $15 and $20. With an actual retail price of $18.99, Baby Face was well within their range.

This was probably the only category that Baby Face didn’t handle without a question mark. Yes, our parents have seen other spinning toys over the years. And yes, many pack some added interactivity. In general, there wasn’t anything groundbreaking about this spinning toy. But for the record, that didn’t make it any less fun!

Babies love spinning toys. Babies love baby faces. And our babies loved Baby Face. No, this isn’t the most groundbreaking toy ever invented, but it is lots of fun for little ones and that’s what counts! It is fairly priced and stands up to everything your little one can throw at it. A nice addition to any baby’s toy chest!

Manufacturer: Brainy Baby
Recommended Age: 6 - 18 months
Retail Price: $18.99
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