Baby Butler Hands Free Bottle Holder

The Baby Butler Hands-Free Bottle Holder looks like a simple piece of cloth, or even a scarf, but as we all know by now, looks can be deceiving. This simple piece of cloth provides that extra hand to help feed an infant, giving the caregiver the tiny bit of extra freedom to eat, read or more! The Baby Butler also comes in handy as a burp cloth – with it’s weighted design it won’t easily fall, or get tugged, off of your shoulder. There’s a built-in pocket to hold a small item like a pacifier or cell phone, and the reverse side of the Baby Butler doubles as a changing pad with a pillow.

This was an easy one for the members of our review team – all they had to do was sling the Baby Butler over their shoulder and let it do its job. There were some skeptics on our panel on how well this little device would hold a bottle and accomplish the most important task – feeding. But the skepticism quickly changed to enthusiasm as the Baby Butler gave each person on our panel a hand back for other use (including checking email and surfing the web, eating, even putting on make-up)!

It didn’t seem that Baby Butler was on its way to falling apart any too quickly – which is key to any baby product – but stains and spit-ups were a concern. Now, Baby Butler does claim to double as a burp cloth, but our parents weren’t that thrilled with getting it dirty, then having to clean it each time in-between to use it again. However, our Moms and Dads that were careful found no problem with this, and simply wiped Baby Butler clean with a wet cloth.

Soft, fun colors – and with a mix of pink, blue, yellow and green, certainly unisex. Baby Butler only comes in one style, so the parents on our panel that were interested in a more boy-color or girl-color look were out of luck.

From a strictly functional perspective, Baby Butler makes the grade. All of our panelists were able to use a free hand while feeding – well done!

The price point could be just a little bit lower – and no, we don’t say that about every product we review! In our collective opinion, if the price point was set $5-$10 lower this would be a no-brainer as an add-on or throw-in gift when buying for a new Mom or Dad. But at $19.95, Baby Butler pushes to the price point of just purchasing one gift as an item, and while practical, this didn’t jump off the shelves and scream “Buy me! I’m the perfect gift!”

We certainly don’t see unique feeding systems come along every day, and this is a simple concept that will help you get the job done!

For the most part, our panelists had not ever thought they needed a product like Baby Butler, but once they got used to using it, they quickly realized its designer is definitely onto something. Now, there are times when they said they still want to cuddle, caress and connect with their babies while feeding – we understand! But they all also expressed that there are times when they are on your sixth bottle of the day and really just want to check email! With Baby Butler’s help they had that free hand they were looking for!

Manufacturer: Baby Butler
Recommended Age: Newborn +
Retail Price: $19.95
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